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My Letter to InboxDollars

A Proposal

Dear InboxDollars,

I’ve been a loyal member of your website for a few months now. Every day, I would use the mobile app to take surveys, and use up my twenty spins a day. Every day, I would log onto the computer to play some of the games (like Solitaire—I like Solitaire) to earn some more progress on the Scratch-and-Win meter. And every time that meter fills up, I keep hoping and praying that I would win the top prize of $100.

I’m a loyal member of InboxDollars, because I’ve tried it, and I’ve received money out of it. I truly believe that people can make money taking surveys and playing games. This app is legit! In fact, I had cashed out of that app twice already. However, that’s the problem: I was only able to withdraw my earnings TWICE.

Whenever you make any kind of money on InboxDollars, they won’t let you withdraw until you reach their threshold of $30. And even when you reach that goal, it takes $3 away (as a processing fee), making you get paid $27 instead of $30—unless you agree to reach $40 within 30 days, so that they’ll cover the $3 fee. So, what I like to do is wait until I have earned $33, so that when they throw in the $3 fee, then I would be able to pocket $30 by the end of it.

However, I find it hard at times to get to the $30 threshold, especially since right now, I’m relying on this as a source of income. Having no job and no prospects is already enough in my case. And to be honest, it makes me wonder if anyone else is in the same dilemma as I am. I mean, is there anyone else in this world that relies on this for income?

Now, don’t get me wrong: Some people may be doing other paid gigs on the side. Some people might be working part-time or full-time, and coming to this app in their spare time. But for people like me, who are trying to make money despite all the odds against us—jobless, running out of money, and having feelings of hopelessness at times—relying on InboxDollars for income can be very challenging, especially if you use the app every single day, nonstop.

Proposal: Changing the Threshold for Withdrawal

Now, in this proposal, I’ve thought about this for a while. Originally, I didn’t want to have to come up with a possible solution to the problem; but with the way things are for me right now (and possibly other people that share the same situation), I felt like there needed to be some kind of change (no pun intended).

First off, I want to believe that the $30 threshold is serviceable. However, some of us can’t wait for that next chance to withdraw. And also, the $3 processing fee almost seems unnecessary. Now, as I explain this proposal, I’ll split it into two parts. I’ll call these parts options, because they’re mini-proposals (proposals within a proposal)—consider these options when considering this proposal to change the $30 threshold.

Option 1: Lower the Threshold to $20

I see this threshold working for the following reasons: One, it should be an easy goal for many InboxDollars members; and two, it gives people that motivation to take more surveys and doing the many activities on the website. Also, if the threshold changes to $20, then maybe… maybe you can get away with a $2 processing fee.

Option 2: ZERO Processing Fee

Personally, I think that the processing fee is pointless. Who is the fee benefiting (aside from InboxDollars)? I don’t see this benefiting anyone else. $30 becomes $27, when the processing fee kicks in; so, you’re already gypping people out of the $3 that would’ve made a difference in someone’s life—someone that’s depending on this app for things like groceries, helping pay bills, etc.


There's nothing wrong with InboxDollars; it's a legit way to make money on the side. But when you have people using the app and the website every single day, hoping to make money off it, there has to be a compromise.

So, if you're reading this, and you work at InboxDollars, please consider this proposal to be beneficial to both the company and its users.

Wishing you all the best,

A loyal InboxDollars member.

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My Letter to InboxDollars
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