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My Journaling Adventure

How I Began Writing and Where It Has Gotten Me Where I Am Today

"The Story Ends When You End."

"The first draft is just you telling yourself the story"—Terry Pratchett.

Art has been such a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Drawing and painting was something that I have loved and would always be doodling, painting, drawing either on paper or on a canvas. Sometimes drawing would help me remember certain things in when it came to studying for school. Then I discovered a new form of art that I never thought I would express and that art was writing.

At the age of 13, I started writing fairy tale romance. I was inspired by so many love stories, romance movies, fairy tails. I would write them in a small notebook or on my big laptop computer. I kept all of my stories closed and privately hidden. Meaning I didn't want to share with anyone my writing. I never even showed any of my writings to any of my friends, not even my own family. I was always afraid that they would criticize me and my writing style. When I went to college I was writing off and on because I was studying a lot, writing a lot of papers for school, making new friends, etc. 

During my days off or vacations, I would write a little bit more or pick up what I have left off of what I wrote. After graduating from college with a degree in Education and moving back home. I started working and exploring my horizons as a recent college graduate. One day at my previous job my coworker noticed that I have an active, fantasy imagination.  

They asked, "Have you ever considered writing any children's stories or short stories?" I thought to myself why not try writing short stories. I got an empty composition journal and pen. I just began writing whatever came to mind. When I posted my first short story on my blog... I was really scared of what people would think or how even to respond to it. After posting a few more short stories the views that people were reading were AMAZING! I never thought that anyone in my circle of friends or people in the world would be reading my blog and what I would be reading what I was writing about. 

I’m still learning more about my writing styles, topics and more. I don’t want to be known as someone whose stories to be turned into something big (movies, TV shows, etc). I want to be known as someone whose stories that have made an impact and inspire people in whatever struggles that they go through in life good, bad, scary or to bring them some kind of hope. Maybe to help them escape into another place just how writing has helped me escaped during my toughest times in life. 

My writing has not only made me happy but it has made me more adventurous and trying new things in life. Everyone or everything that I meet or see is my inspiration to write what I see. It has made me see the world differently and I hope that I get the opportunity to one day travel and write what I see in another country or state. I hope to get better writing more and maybe in the future I challenge myself to either write a book or maybe publish my short stories.

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My Journaling Adventure
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