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My Current Job Situation

I'm trying but I'm pessimistic.

As some disabled people do, I face long-term unemployment. Maybe employers don’t want to mess up my situation since you have to be low-income to qualify at all. I applied at GNC since I feel that future doctors should be working at GNC if I happen to know about supplements. I also have other job applications I need to turn in at the mall. The mall has plenty of jobs. I’m willing to work in food service again. I also want to go back to school and take online classes. I can do both, and keep up with online self-paced pagan school and even Penn Foster. I finished a private investigation course at Penn this year. I got this done by December. I nailed an 87 percent B, I feel old guilt about because it wasn’t an A.

My next program will be the paralegal program as soon as I pay off private investigation. I do anything that can help me get a job, with my day since I do not just sit around doing nothing. I write, which can also make money. I can publish my two finished novels and I have a long list of ideas for more. I’m working on a sequel to my first book, Opening New Dimensions, which is available on under the keyword, “starseed.”

I need to find more income streams online, besides, Rev, and Casting Words. I mean I’ve also thought about becoming a driving instructor or perhaps a DMV test giver. I see crazy drivers running red lights while making a left all the time. So in which case, I’m going to fail people to keep them off the road. Some people pester me when I make complete stops at a stop sign. I’m just responsible, and they have a problem with that so I can force cars behind me to make a complete stop. I’m not into a Californian rolling stop.

I have also considered working at my grocery store, or at other grocery stores. In the meantime, I’m also thinking about running for the District 10 city council seat, and getting onto my job schools's board, so I can help push through various types of classes besides the usual. I’m also attempting to set up a Toastmaster’s Club local to me. We need a club that meets in a location that is easy to get to since going to Mountain View for it, you have to deal with the traffic. My financial situation is manageable because I’m in a study soon, which means I can make $200 off of that. I make extra money doing surveys as well.

I survive as a low-income person for now. I take classes at a job training school local to me. I’m also attempting to write for a living. I have a B.A. in creative writing. I am trying to write articles to publish daily but I have to face rejection, even in non-paid markets. I’m doing my best to make money here, to plug away at it, and to get a job. I’m trying here. Apparently, it is not good enough for most employers since I feel stuck. As in, my disability will get me nowhere. I will be doomed to unemployment or underemployment forever. I guess you could say it is getting to me. What with my wrongful termination case against a company I used to work for as a work-from-home job. Something will break eventually. I am looking diligently for jobs but I feel like nobody will hire me because my health problems are high maintenance, although I try to project them as if they are low maintenance. I’m very pessimistic about being hired despite taking a Work 2 Future class on basic accounting and bookkeeping. I will try the Office Team entrance tests next week taking the light rail to their location. Maybe if I score high on the entrance tests, they will bite. I’m just busy looking for my first real job that isn’t tutoring, driving with Uber, or working for a company that let me go on a wrongful termination; making no money besides commission from sales, which was only $200 anyway. So yeah, I have ways of making money in addition to working. But well, one step at a time, one day at a time. 

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My Current Job Situation
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