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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Valentine's Day

It was the first time that I had worked delivering pizzas on Valentine’s Day and I did not have any idea how busy the night ahead was going to be. I just thought that it was going to be another regular night at work but that is not the way it turned out to be. The pizza restaurant that I work at offers heart shaped pizzas, if you purchase a heart shaped pizza, you got a free pizza cutter included in with your order. Okay then, I thought to myself, well I sure hope that I do not forget to put the pizza cutters in with my orders tonight for the people who have ordered the heart shaped pizzas.

As the evening went along, order after order kept pouring in at the store. I was out on a delivery and when I arrived back at work, I heard my name being called, get logged back in and grab the stickers. Okay. I went and put up my pizza bag and logged back in and proceeded over to get the stickers to place them on the proper boxes. Wow! The stickers were hanging down to the floor! I started placing stickers on the boxes as fast as I could and before the Manager on Duty knew it, I had filled up the line where the orders go and the next thing I heard was my name once again being called.

"Do you not see that there is not any more room for any more boxes? Put the rest of those stickers down and find something else to do."

The evening got so busy that night at work, I was moved to the front station of the store for the night. This is where that I would bag up my orders and make sure that I had everything in the bags that I needed with my orders. One of my customers that evening gave me a chocolate rose, another customer gave me a mini box of chocolates, and all of the customers that evening tipped well. Even the Manager on Duty that evening had brought in a box of chocolates for all of his employees to enjoy, and of course, when I was arriving back at the store, the Manager was standing there eating chocolates. I politely asked if I could stare at the box for a few seconds to try to decide which piece of chocolate that I wanted to pick from the box, the Manager said sure, help yourself.

My best friend called and placed her order that night as well. She called the store and requested for me to bring her food to her. She ordered a heart shaped pizza and received a free pizza cutter. She had also ordered a couple of two liters which I had forgotten to include in with her order. We sell a variety of sodas at work. She was very nice to me about the situation though, I apologized to her and she just said, bring them to me next time. What a friend! My friend also gave me some chocolate candy that night as part of my tip.

It sure can be surprising as to what any holiday holds in store. I do have to say that I am glad that I did get to work on Valentine’s Day, it was a most enjoyable, busy evening at work. When I arrived home from working that night, I went into my bedroom to change my clothes and my mate had left me a big box of chocolates, some roses and a card to enjoy.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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