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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Got Lost In the Park

There is no worse time, weather-wise, as when it is raining, storming, thundering, lightning, hailing, and the wind blowing furiously outside to be delivering pizzas. Pizza Delivery Drivers are like the Post Man, we go in all kinds of weather, except I do not go in the snow or any kind of bad road situations that may arise in the winter months of the year due to inclement weather. Here is another scenario of getting to know your local part of town.

A very close by, local park in town right down the road from the store has just a few apartments located in the park. Who would have guessed? Maybe there are hundreds of parks that have apartments located on site. I am at work once again, finding myself delivering pizzas and the next delivery that comes up is for me and it is to the park, and of course, it is a rainy, stormy night outside. By the way, this was the first time that I had been to the park, and really did not even know of the park’s existence until I was heading that way trying to deliver a pizza.

I bagged my order up and headed out to my car and put in the address to where that I was going into my GPS. I started driving myself to the park in hopes of finding my customer. Before I knew it, my GPS was telling me to turn into the park. Wow, already here? I found my customer at their apartment and delivered the food. I thought all was well.

I got back in my car and proceeded back to the store, or at least I thought that I was heading back to the store. As I was driving myself out of the park, I thought I had seen an arrow pointing in which direction to leave. I drove along slowly, my windshield wipers on high, and all of a sudden a brick type wall was blocking the roadway. Fear had set in. Are you kidding me right now? I had to back all the way up, down the path from where I had just came from in the rain. The path was a one lane dirt road. Great. So I backed the car up and stopped back at the point where I had started, where that arrow on the sign was. Where the arrow on the sign in the road was, the road split numerous times. I picked another path to the way out of the park, and again, when I drove to the end of the path, a gate was closed blocking off the road. Oh My God! Are you serious right now? I had to back the car up again along the second path that I had taken. I was a nervous wreak by now. I just knew that somebody was going to come running out of the woods and attack me at any second. I put the car in park and I called the store to notify them that I am lost in the park, cannot find my way back out in the dark and in the rain. I called the store and got the answering machine. Panic Mode going on now. Finally somebody that worked at the store answered the phone, I heard this is so and so, can you hold? No, do not put me on hold, stated my name and told them what the problem was, and while that I was on the phone with work telling them I needed somebody to come and find me to lead me out of the park, I picked another path and starting driving slowly along, and it was the correct way out. Before I knew it I was back at the entrance of the park. All was good. I have just had one delivery to the local park since that I have been delivering pizzas.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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