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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

I Had a Flat Tire

Boy, the year sure did fly by again and once more upon us all is the holiday season. I guess that this had to be my favorite time of the year to deliver pizzas, driving along to all of my customer's houses and seeing all of their beautiful Christmas decorations neatly placed in their yards for everybody to see. Around the holiday season at the store, we are all busy like little elves, running here and there and hurrying here and hurrying there. Everybody is having and also attending Christmas parties, office parties, and family get togethers at this busy time of the year, oh yeah, and how could I forget the shopping? Plus decorating, gift wrapping presents, cooking and working.

I find myself at work one evening and the next delivery that came up for me was I would say one of the nicest, wealthiest, parts of town that we deliver food. I bag my order up and head out to my car, plug in the address as to where that I am going into my GPS and off I went to deliver my pizza.

This certain part of town is located several miles away from the store. All of a sudden my GPS was telling me to turn into the subdivision. Right after I turned into the subdivision, my car was making a noise like I had a flat tire. Blunk, Blunk, Blunk. I thought to myself, I had better get out of the car and walk around it and check to see if I had a flat. I get out of my car with my flashlight and walk around it, checking each tire...they all looked good to me. I got back into my car and proceeded on to my customer’s house, my car was making the most awful noise. I deliver my pizza and told the customer that my car was making a loud noise and asked if I could sit in front of their house while my mate was on his way to help me out with my car trouble. They said sure, you can sit there as long as need be, and they left their porch light on for me. While I was waiting on my mate to arrive to access the damage to the car, I sat and looked at all of the beautiful holiday lights.

When my mate arrived at the location of where I was broke down, no flat. Something had probably broken on the car, like the strut on it causing it to make a loud noise. I switched vehicles with my mate, while he drove my car back home, as I went on back to work to be checked out for the night, since something was wrong with my car. He had just barely gotten the car home before it did, as a matter of fact, have a flat tire. When I had turned into the subdivision to deliver my food, little did I know that I had run over a broken “2 X 4” piece of wood, that was in the road and get this, it stuck to the inside part of my tire, and that was causing that noise like I did have a flat tire.

Not long after the holidays of the next year, I went to Firestone and purchased brand new tires for my car. Since then, knock on wood, I have not had any problems with my tires on the car.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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