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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

The Famous Country Music Concert Hall

Before I go to work each day, I always think to myself and wonder where that I am going to be delivering pizzas to that day. Not that it does any good, though. 

When you hear your name called at work, then the Manager on Duty says you're ready to go, you have no choice but to go bag your order up and take the delivery. Until the receipt prints out, you have no idea where your delivery is going to be.

Not long ago at work, I was up for the next delivery. I scanned my thumb to print out my receipt and I looked at the address as to where I was going. It was a popular, busy destination. 

At that point, I just had an address to the area in which I was headed and really did not know which one of the buildings it was going to be until I got there. Little did I know, I was going to a famous country music concert hall.

As I get close to my delivery, I am driving on the service road and my GPS is telling me that I am arriving at my destination. When I arrived at my address for the pizza delivery, there was a security guard booth with two elderly gentlemen that were in the booth. 

One of the guards walked over to my pizza car and asked if he could help me. I then told him that I had a pizza to deliver to somebody located at this address. The name was not familiar to him, so he tells me to pull straight ahead on down towards the sidewalk. The arm on the booth raised up, and I proceeded through it and went on down to the sidewalk where there was another security guard that was standing out in his booth that was located on the sidewalk, he was an elderly man as well. 

I get out of my car and walked over to his booth and told him that I had a pizza to deliver to somebody at this address. So, he tells me to get the order and everything out of the car that I needed and to follow him. I got the order out of my car, my phone and my ink pen and began to follow the guard. 

Oh My God! Just like that, I was backstage at this famous country music concert hall! Holy! I thought that if I see a famous person back here right now, I will faint. 

The guard got on his walkie-talkie and he must have radioed every person that worked there. I thought that I was going to pass out at any moment, just knowing I was going to see a big star. I must have waited 20 minutes, so the guard comes back and informs me that there is nobody by that name that worked there or that had ordered a pizza. 

At that point, the Guard escorts me back outside to my car with my order and what do you know, perfect timing! The customer that had ordered the pizza saw my car just as I was leaving. The customer was happy that he got his order before I left the delivery site.

What a wonderful delivery day that was, everything turned out great —except I did not get to see anybody famous in the back. Maybe someday, I will get that delivery run again, and just maybe....

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver