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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Got the Door Slammed In My Face

As I get to work one afternoon, not long ago, I find myself traveling across town to deliver another pizza to an apartment complex. Before I left the store that day, it looks like the manager on duty would have told me what was going on with this particular order, but did not. I left the store with a zero amount on the customer's receipt. All the way to my destination, I was wondering why I had a zero amount for this order. Sometimes the store gets extremely busy and the delivery drivers can not handle the overload, so I was thinking this was probably the case. It was not.

Earlier that same day, another delivery driver went to the same apartment complex. The driver went to the wrong door. The people at the apartment where the delivery driver had left the pizza at, it was the wrong building number. What had happened, the driver did not check the building number for some reason and thought they were at the correct door. Turns out, the people that answered the door, “at the wrong apartment” paid for the pizza, took the order and thanked the driver. So, the delivery driver proceeded back to the store and thought everything was okay.

A couple of hours later that same afternoon, the phone rings at work, and it is the customer in the correct apartment stating that they never received their pizza. The manager on duty puts the customer on hold and checks with the delivery driver that took the order. Yep, all was well. The manager gets back on the phone with the customer and gives them a free pizza and tells them sorry that this has happened.

I arrive at the correct building number and the correct apartment number. A lady comes to the door to get her pizza, she was not a happy camper, let me tell you that. I handed her the pizza, and said that her total was zero. Then before I knew it, as hard as she could, slammed the door in my face. Okay, did you just slam the door in my face, I thought? That totally made me furious, I felt like kicking her door in, and letting her have a piece of my mind. But I did not. I also felt like standing right at her front door and calling her every name in the book. I did not do that either. Instead as I walked back to my car to head back across town to the store, I cursed under my breath and starting thinking to myself, what a *****!!! She got a FREE pizza, did not tip me at all, plus acted the way she did at her door. I am going to get some post-a-notes stickers to keep in my car, and when and if an incident like this happens again, I am just going to write on it, try a little kindness and go hang it on their door.

Seriously though, if you are going to order any kind of food to be delivered, please be polite to whoever that brings the food to you. Keep in mind, it is not the delivery drivers fault in most cases, but in this case, it was. Most of the people that are delivery drivers depend on tips. Most of us that truly love our delivery job, like myself, do the best possible job that we can.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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