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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

The Airport Delivery

The International Airport is located just a few miles down the road from the Store. Personally, I do not think that people that work at the airport should order pizza, there is nowhere to pull over to park once you get to the airport. The security at the airport has zero tolerance for delivery drivers. I did not know this until I got pulled over by the same Security Officer three times in one night.

My delivery to the airport that night was to a toll booth that exited back out of the airport. Go try to find that and let me know how that worked out for you. I arrive at the airport, and not any of the road signs there directed me to any of the toll booths. I thought, I have no idea which lane to get into to circle back out. I do not remember which one of the lanes that I first wound up in taking, in hopes that I was going to find my toll booth. Whatever lane that I took the first time around was not the way back out. I circled again and got into another lane to try to find the exit back out. You would think they would have an exit sign posted somewhere there. No luck again in finding the exit. I thought, okay, I will circle back around one more time, if no luck, I will call the store and let them know that I can not find my customer and they will advise me on what to do. 

I went back around again, and still no luck in finding the exit toll booth. The next thing I know as I was on my way out, heading back to work with my order because I could not find my customer, all of a sudden blue lights were flashing behind me and the siren on the security car was going...? Surely the Security Officer is going to pass right by me and keep going. Sure enough, he was trying to pull me over. What the heck did I do wrong? Oh my god, my heart was pounding one hundred miles an hour, my knees started shaking and I was overwhelmed at this point. I thought that when you got pulled over by an officer, that you pulled all the way over to the right hand side of the roadway. Well that is what I did, and before I knew it the Officer was at my car door screaming at me with his night stick out, do not stop right here in the road, “you're going to get us both run over”. 

"Okay, then where should I have pulled over at then?" I asked him. He pointed rudely up in front of us to the terminal of the airport. I told him that I was trying to find the toll booth to deliver a pizza and I did not know where the toll booth was. Get this, he did not know either. He directed me into another lane and followed behind me, I was a nervous wreck. All of a sudden he turned his blue lights on again, I thought what the heck. He has his spotlight shining on the car this time, still behind me, and tells me on his megaphone to switch lanes. I will be, blue lights flashed back on, he tells me again to switch lanes, which I did and that was the correct way back out of the airport. I finally found my customer and delivered the pizza. The Security Officer that night at the airport did not tell me why he had even pulled me over in the first place and I did not ask him, all that I had on my mind at the time was getting the you know what away from the airport and never returning ever again.

I proceed back to the store and let the Manager on Duty at the time know what had happened. I composed myself and got checked out of the store for the night. When I returned back to work the next day for my shift, I was informed that the customer at the toll booth called and said that their pizza was cold when it arrived to them. You think?

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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