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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

Superbowl Sunday

It was the time of the year once more for the Super Bowl. I was the newest driver at work. On certain occasions throughout the year, everybody is required to be at work, like on Super Bowl Sunday. When I arrived at work that day, all of the other driver’s were busy beavers. Folding boxes, washing the dishes and putting them back in their proper places, answering the phones, filling up large containers of pizza sauce, and attending to the ovens in the front of the Store.

Before I knew it, I heard my name being called and I was up for the next delivery out of the Store. I headed up front and bagged up my order and proceeded out to my car. I placed the order in the passenger seat and entered the address to where I was going into my GPS, and away I went. 

The location of my customer’s house was located once again in the nicer part of Town located several miles from the Store. I arrived at my location, got out of my car, got the order out of the car, and moved forward to the door. I rang the doorbell and a gentleman comes to the door to get the food. I guess in the living room there, probably about five or six people gathered around the television to watch the football game. After I handed the man his food, he said, hang on a second, I will be right back. I thought that he was going to go check his pizza boxes like so many of the customers do, to make sure everything that they ordered was in the box. 

The man comes back to the door briefly after that and hands me a twenty dollar bill. Then I looked at the bill and saw that it was a twenty. This customer had paid with a credit card, with no tip on it yet. So, I said, “how much change do you need back”? The customer looked at me like I had done lost it; the whole twenty dollars was my tip. Wow! Thanks! Enjoy the rest of the game and have a good rest of the day!

I headed on back to the Store and logged back in when I arrived back. It was not long again before I heard my name being called as I was the next one up for another delivery. Okay. I was ready! So, I go up front and bag my order up and move forward out to my car. Same thing again, I walk around the car and put the order in the passenger seat and go around the car to get in, and I entered the address of where I was going into my GPS, and off I went again! 

I arrived at my next customer's location and got out of the car and got the order out as well and proceeded to their front door. As I get on their front porch, they have sliding glass doors that are opened slightly with the curtains pulled back on them, so I could see directly inside. Oh my god! The National Anthem was about to be sang and a bunch of people were gathered around the television, standing up in front of it with their hands up over their hearts. Dang! What do I do at this point? Nobody inside even noticed that I was on the porch. Well at that point, just like that, Lady Gaga was fixing to sing the National Anthem on the customer’s big screen television. I decided that I wanted to watch her sing the National Anthem as well and that is exactly what I did, standing on the front porch looking inside.

After Lady Gaga sang the National Anthem and the football game started, I knocked on the sliding glass doors lightly and the customer came to the door. I gave the customer their order and they thanked me for waiting until the National Anthem was sang until I knocked on the door. They had also paid with a credit card and tipped as well. After that I headed on back to the Store to finish out my evening at work.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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