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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

I Missed the Pizza Truck Pull Off!

We have a developmentally challenged employee at work. He visits several stores during the week and he folds boxes for each store. This guy has been an employee at work longer than anybody. He has the mind of a child and plays with his “toys,” like, for example, spins tops, while he is trying to work, folding boxes, that is. His brother drives him around to all of the stores that he works at.

Not long ago, I arrived at work and our developmentally challenged employee was at the store folding boxes. He immediately stopped what he was doing when he noticed that I was in the store. He wanted to know my name, and he told me his. From that day forward, he has remembered my name each week that I have seen him at work.

I was busy prepping the food for the day at the store, and he was folding boxes. On Wednesday and Sunday, the pizza truck delivers food to the store. The pizza truck showed up while we were both busy working, (meanwhile, the whole time the truck drivers are delivering the food,) he is busy walking back and forth, looking each time out of the side door of the store. The truck drivers all of a sudden were finished delivering the food and, just like that, they were gone. He was very upset that he did not get to see the pizza truck leaving the store. He kept saying, "I missed the truck pull off, I missed the truck pull off." I felt so sorry for him at the time. I calmed him down by saying, the pizza truck will be back again next week, and I promise you will get to see it pull off. He brightened right up and said, "Really?" I said, "Yes, you have a week to wait, and then you can see the pizza truck pull off."

Shortly after that happened, I heard my name being called and I was up at work for the next pizza delivery. I bagged up my order and proceeded outside to get in my car. I had walked outside at the very right time. Guess who was parked in the alley outside of the store? The Coke truck! Wow! I put my order in my car, and I went around the Coke truck to find one of the drivers. I quickly told him my story of our developmentally challenged employee not getting to see the pizza truck pulling off earlier from the store and asked if he could wait a second while I ran inside to get the employee. The truck driver said sure, so I went running back inside of the store to find him and told him, "Hurry, come quickly, follow me! The Coke truck was outside! Oh boy!"

When we both got to the front door of the store, the Coke truck was fired up and ready to pull off! Those Coke truckers sure were awesome, they pulled off and when they got to the front curb of the store to turn onto the main road to leave, they blew the air horn! That was fabulous! The developmentally challenged employee started jumping up and down on the sidewalk in the front of the store. The Coke truck sure made somebody’s day special, as special as he is. Our employee also likes helicopters and fire trucks. It was such a pleasure to see him get so excited just for showing his simple joys of life.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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