My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

My Car Got Robbed!


If you have ever been robbed of anything before, it is one of the worst feelings in the world. Having said that, my story begins. First of all, let me give you a brief description of what kind of car I deliver pizzas in. My car came from an automotive auction, and the only key that I have ever had to the car is the ignition key. No door key, no trunk key. The right front fender is bent all out of whack and is held on with a zip tie. Also, there is no front grill on my car. Oh, by the way, the car is a Honda.

At work, I used to always leave my personal belongings in my car. Mostly, my cell phone and my GPS. I was working away one day and arrived back at the store. I parked my car and went inside, leaving my phone and my GPS in the car as usual. A few minutes had gone by and I heard my name as a delivery came up and I was ready to go again. I bagged my order up and proceeded out to my car, I walked around the passenger side of the car and placed the order in the seat. I walked back around the car to get in and enter the address of to where that I was going into my GPS and WHAT!, no GPS, I looked around the car at that moment and WHAT!, no cell phone. I went running back in the store and found the manager on duty and told him that my car had just gotten robbed! He quickly followed me back outside to check to see if anything else was missing from the car or if it had any damage to it. Nothing else was missing from the car and no damage. I knew the location of my delivery and went on and took that last one for the day, since now, I did not have a phone or a GPS. My day was ended at work.

From where my car was parked at work in the parking lot outside was next to the nearby store, I will not state the name of the store, but, it looks like a storefront that would have security cameras in place.

When I got back home that afternoon from work, I looked up the telephone number for the store that is located next to where I work. I found the number, dialed them up, and asked to speak to the manager. When the manager got on the phone, I told them what had happened and then asked them if they could run their security camera to see if they could tell who got in my car. Well, what a surprise! the store next door to where I work, does not have a security camera outside of their building? Then what is that on the side of your door? A fake security camera. Okay. Thanks for your time.

I took the next two days off from work replacing my cell phone and my GPS. This will be the third time now that I have replaced my cell phone since I have been delivering pizzas and the GPS once. The cell phone that I am now using, I dropped it at work not long ago, and the screen is cracked horribly on it. So, I need another new cell phone once again, and I think that I will be in good shape, cell phone wise.


Rhonda Farley
Rhonda Farley

I work part-time delivering pizzas for Papa Johns.  I love to spend my days off from work cooking, baking, or trying any new recipe.  I also love to spend days painting.  I love spending time with family and friends and both of my pets.

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