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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver

The Anime Convention

I find myself once again at work, delivering pizzas, only this time, it is the weekend and I am heading to a local Hotel in Town, little did I know, this was the first of many deliveries that I would have, to the same place in one night. Going to the same place multiple times on one shift does not happen that often. Knowing what location that you are going to before you leave the Store makes it one hundred percent easier for the delivery driver. Most of the delivery drivers at work use their smart phone to pull up Google Maps for directions. I personally, like to use my GPS device.

I arrive at the Hotel with my customers order, as I am driving up the roadway, people are everywhere outside walking, the place is packed out, I pull up in front of the Hotel as close to the door as I can, get out of my car and proceed inside of the Hotel. As I walk up to the sliding glass doors of the Hotel, people are everywhere outside, mingling, Taxi Cabs are parked all around, and I am hearing the Hotel’s music playing. So the sliding glass doors open up as I walked through them. Once inside, I stood in awe. My first thought was, Oh My God In Dear Heaven, I have just crossed over and went to the other side. I had just left the real world and just like that, I thought that I was in the spirit world. As I was standing there with my food order, thinking I was dead, I was seeing all kinds of people, but not like regular people would look like. I could not believe what I was seeing as I was standing in the front lobby of the Hotel. If I was not dead, I sure would have fainted by now. I saw Beetlejuice, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and all kinds of people that I did not even know.

There was real life Cartoon Characters that look amazingly real. As I was standing there, I finally realized that the local Hotel in Town was holding an anime convention. I bet I stood, frozen for at least twenty minutes before I realized what was going on. After that, I proceeded to the front desk of the Hotel to notify them that I had a pizza delivery for one of their guests that was staying there. At this point, I had no idea what my customer was going to look like. Wonder what the Hotel workers thought when I was just standing around in the lobby once I arrived there? So my customers arrive down to the lobby and guess who they were? The Powerpuff Girls.

I head directly back to the Store and notify the Manager on Duty at the time as of what was going on in the area for the weekend. He looked at me as if I had planned the whole weekend out. He knew exactly how busy we all were going to be over the weekend. The Anime Convention comes to town once a year at that particular Hotel. The pizza delivery drivers all love it when the anime convention rolls into our area of the world, as it keeps us all extremely busy. I made numerous visits that night to the Hotel and when I got in my car to leave, I seen Spongebob Square Pants running after me, and I did not turn around, I just kept going.

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My Adventures as a Pizza Delivery Driver
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