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Morning Coffee with Susan

My Journey with Advanced Technology

My Toy Robot From the 80s

It's ironic how we tend to make our way back to the very concepts and assets that we were introduced to some time ago.  It could have been an oversight. These assets seem to find a way back to the observer like the universal law of attraction. Like a boomerang that keeps coming back and staring at us like are you going to budge now

Advanced technology came into my life in the early 90s when I became a subscriber of Popular Science magazine. Access to this technology became my thirst for knowledge across industries. Any industry that adopted the technologies behind the products and services that I was drawn to became my look-to-sources. I was always intrigued by aerospace and the dynamics of machine intelligence. The future of aircraft was one of my primary focuses early on in those days. 

I sought the combustion and it became the force of the waves I rode.  

A lot has happened since then. My focus was led to recapture a sense of being rather than build from where I stood. I am here now and this is what matters. I also need your help! I don't think many people realize the life of a creator. Someone who desperately needs to create to feel air—it's somewhat of a life and death situation. Sure there are other routes to take like getting a regular 9-5 job to make a living and then use your spare time, but for me that is very difficult due to a sleuth of personal barriers. 

Your contributions will provide a means for me to continue my work.

We will get into what my work consists of in just a few short paragraphs below. First, I kind of want to give you (the reader), my hero, the opportunity to delve a little deeper into my tech journey. Of course, it will not highlight everything as that would become an entire series. However, it does cover just a few basic obstacles that became part of the masterpiece (my life, my passion, my love and my work). If it wasn't for my challenges in life; I would not have been able to evolve at such a fast rate. I have come a long way and I am very proud of what I am currently creating and honored to share it with the world. 

The Odd Job Factor

Volunteer: Communicating to a Group of Youth the Force Behind New Technologies

It has been odd jobs and contracts as a freelancer that has sustained me for the last two decades and it is tough to talk to people about it especially when you are betting all odds on technology they have never even heard about. Automation... Wth... Is that not for robots? Are you sure you have your facts straight? Yes ma'am, I am sure. Don't take my word for it. You can Google it. 

In 2016, I was granted a lot of opportunities to work closely with some of the world's finest executives and smaller independent firms as well as a few non profits to disrupt their existing business models and increase their overall return on investment (ROI). 

The moment when someone decided to transfer written by hand company directories to digital with online databases, I would hear angelic symphonies. Upgrading hardware and software were the predecessor tasks that led to creating landing pages and social media accounts for the same businesses. It was amazing to witness how our performance measures would strengthen their communities. 

Imagine doing website work and search engine optimization in South Florida in 2016 where three-fourths of the population and independent businesses didn't speak English. I speak fluent Spanish, yet found it incredibly difficult to communicate about a new topic that I was only good at explaining in English. It was a mess, but it worked for quite some time, made some good money until life brought yet another detour. My mother fell ill. At the same time I found a door to finally build robots or so I thought. I was frustrated and needed an upgrade. It came at a hefty cost, yet I would not be this advanced today if my conversations had not changed and it had never happened. I rather remain optimistic about my journey and feel that everyone is going to do us wrong. Our job is to find the ones worth fighting for despite our differences.

If we would get into the depths about my personal life we would be here forever. Before I began freelancing my marketing expertise, I owned and operated a non profit organization between the years of 2012 to 2015 and this led to some amazing discoveries with the most incredible research I have ever performed. So intense that it made me realize I would never achieve my goals at that pace—meaning through philanthropic measures. It seems that my life has been a series of experiments to see what works and what doesn't. Honestly, what counts for me is the journey and the destination.

My destination refers to the day I stop struggling to make ends meet.

My journey is all of the amazing people I have met along the way and the experiences and memories no one can ever take away. These experiences and interactions continue today. One example is that I get free tickets to go to most major events and end up in exclusive retreats :) Realizing that if it were not for my personality, I would not have the opportunities that I experience and create for others. This journey I am forever grateful for and yet, like everyone, it occasionally comes to a halt. With funding we would be able to produce at a much faster rate. When these experiences are shared it gives room for transformation—on all levels (the person, situation, or concept). Spend a few minutes with me and you will understand the intensity in which passion derives and allow it to gear you to lead your A-game. 

We are not limited by our time. We are limited by our beliefs. 

My Lifetime Work

The platform is scheduled for release in 2021.

Also earlier in 2016, I created Planet Q-Rah. A project designed to act as an umbrella ON BEHALF of its its sub-planets. The initial stake was to make tech and subjects of interest available for anyone with a Twitter account. 

Planet Q-Rah or as I call it PQ for short, has given me the grounds in which to categorize most of the data and sources of information in the fields of advanced technology and other subjects of interest. 

Below are all of PQ's current sub-planets:

(Including it's own profile)

When I discovered the work it took to maintain these profiles while capturing user interest motivated me beyond belief. It gives us plenty of room to categorize. Each profile is a sub-planet dedicated and relevant to the topics they cover. Our audiences are compiled with the world's finest entrepreneurs and companies in the world. Take a look for yourself.  

These global citizens blow me away with their posts—the intricacies of our multi-cultural planet earth and the sensuality with different languages thanks to Google translate

PQ's version one will be in VR and WebVR. It's an exciting moment when we realize we will soon be able to build whatever we want on demand. While understanding how along the way without realizing at first that we are capturing information and filtering it, simultaneously. The speed or transfer rate is what will keep it steady and unfiltered. Meaning we will be able to remember the whole scenario we just underwent. Just imagine the implications. I wish I could pop a headset and start building my own robots that could manifest in the real world (right in front of me). 

The Y///... 

  • Real-time manufacturing of goods and services
  • Revolutionize education

For the Love of Business

Samsung Gear VR

In 2018, I resurfaced and decided to open a new business to make technology accessible and inclusive for everyone in my city.

I wanted to create an inclusive world where we can provide the resources, tools and opportunity for anyone to build all their crazy ideas.

Ironically, I named my business Cupido Labs. 

We are getting to a more accessible society. There are many smaller companies in the race to create maker spaces and local public libraries allowing their patrons to experiment with virtual, augmented and mixed reality, 3D printers, software for digital photo editing, film editing, and podcasting. These are the opportunities I encourage everyone to create for each other. It is in our best interest that we begin to open the doors to the possibility of sharing our belongings and skills with others and charge a fee. A great percentage of the fee should be for the convenience. 

Cupido Labs is a technology company with a vision to advance humans globally. Cupid stands for the angel of love. We put two hundred percent in everything we do. Our clients are private, exclusive and bound by non-disclosure agreements. While you may not find out who they are, the good news is we use our expertise on all future projects and this is our most lucrative investment and service for all our existing and future clients. 

Technology is ever evolving...

Most of my colleagues all hold MBA's and PhD's and I never feel indifferent to their knowledge and expertise. It is an honor to be among the elite and this is what makes me feel most human. I would not trade my struggles for someone else's. Yet, to feel that there are contributors that believe in me and my cause of fulfilling my passion for education and technology for X,Y,Z reasons is invaluable.  Eventually, you will hear the entire story. Today, we just discussed my journey in tech. I truly love what I do. It could just be so much better with just a little monetary relief. 

So, I am finally after all these years reaching out to the world and letting you our readers in our ecosystem. If you would like become a patron Subscribe to PQ's Exclusive Newsletter. It is worth pulling out the credit card for just one dollar. This will give you exclusive insider information and the sources of our research, so you can use it if you are creating your own products. We also accept email replies. Priceless.  

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