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Mommy Making Ends Meet


Lavender serenity from downy

Do you like full-size freebies? I recently joined a sampling forum called BzzAgent. Super simple layout and you don’t waste a gigantic amount of time for a sample worth 10 cents! The site asks you to enter a little bit about yourself; it also allows you to connect to Facebook (which makes signing up even shorter!). After the initial sign-up and account verification you simply fill out a couple surveys—these help them to identify the best samples for you! Next, you wait.... for what may seem like an eternity! It was actually just a couple weeks for me to receive my first campaign invite! They sent me the bottle above at NO cost! No shipping fee for the full-size sample! Upon receiving the product you are asked to try it out and give your honest opinion. There are no better rewards for an individual who loves the product than one who absolutely hates it and lets everyone know! However, I found my sample to be wonderful! I used it on my bedding and it left such a pleasant scent! I paired it with scented laundry soap... I suggest that you get an “unscented” soap if you get this conditioner. I think that would enhance the lavender, but haven’t personally gotten to try it that way. I am excitedly waiting to be chosen for another sample! Go ahead, give it a try! 

Bzz Agent

Mom’s Meet

This sampling forum is a little different than any other I have seen so far! They have a couple different groups to apply for. There is the blog ambassador or a mom ambassador and they give the option samples for personal sampling and group sampling. I was accepted into the mom ambassador program and have yet to be selected for a product. I think this group is the most exciting, though! You have the chance to get enough samples and have a party with your mom friends! If you have a party you are asked to take photos with the product and the participants of the party; as well as give a review of the product. I hope I am accepted soon! I would love to host a sampling party! Have any of you readers had the chance to be involved? 

Moms Meet


Sally Hansen Insta-Dri “Flashy Fuchsia“

This sampling forum took a little longer to receive an invite for a sample. After signing up, it took 6 months to be chosen. This website requires you to “register” for product trials, so this requires you to continually visit the website to see what is available. The registration process weeds out people who won’t benefit from the product. For example; they currently have a baby wipe promotion going on. If you don’t have a baby, they aren’t going to offer you the product! It makes sense but it's also a little more time consuming than the previously mentioned site. HomeTesterClub also offers Facebook connect which makes sign-up a breeze! Despite waiting 6 months, I was still excited to receive my full size sample of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish. Personally, I wasn’t super impressed after initial use. It did dry Super fast but it was supposed to include a new chip resistant formula. I found that it started chipping on day 2 just like any other nail polish I’ve tried! Still a usable sample for free; so I am NOT complaining! Interested? Give it a shot, what do you have to lose? 

Home Tester Club


As far as sample sites I am a little sceptical of this one. I signed up an they initally offer some things like free magazines or discounts to their partner sites. I competed in their weekly competition where you take surveys and recieve points. It says if you reach 400 of the points/tokens, you automatically qualify for a PINCHme box. I qualified for a box and it says it should arrive within 3-5 business days. I’m hoping this site is legit and I get. Cool box! The unboxing videos I have watched have some pretty neat Items in them!


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Mommy Making Ends Meet
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