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Minority of eBay

Few Short Stories of an eBay Seller

These are boxes that say eBay on them..

This is my first post on here, so I'll introduce myself. I'm Sam and I sell on eBay. I always write things down, but no one ever sees it. So, I've come on here. People may never see it still but I feel like it's got a bigger audience opportunity than my bedside table drawer! 

Hopefully, I'll find myself using this to write all sorts of futile content but I'm going to start with a few little things that have happened to me on eBay, such as a man being devastated that his Strongbow pint glass turned up smashed. Unacceptable, yes, not devastating, in my opinion. I offered to send him another free of charge but he claimed, "I wouldn't risk it." 

At first, I thought, "get a life," but then I thought about it even more and realized if he's devastated by a broken pint glass, then the rest of his life must be pretty smashing, pardon the pun. 

I had a woman threaten legal action, over 99p, I should mention, safe to say I gave her back that 99p. I didn't fancy doing time! She came at me all guns blazing that I miss sold her (all the information was in the description) but for 99p I thought I'd rather carry on watching Mad Men than argue with her. eBay is full of these major life choices. 

There was a man who put an offer in for a pint glass, I accepted it, he hadn't paid, and then a few hours later he sent me a message along the lines of, "I don't want this item; I've found a cheaper one." Well, before I could respond, he sent another, "Cancel item. I don't want it." I couldn't help but laugh at how he thinks eBay and the world, in fact, works. I left it at first, thought I'd deal with it later, came back onto eBay with three more messages basically saying, "Cancel." I saw the funny side, that this bloke clearly see's eBay seller's are just there to do him a favour in getting a good deal for his pint glass! I canceled it in the end but left it a few days; I know it was wrong but I enjoyed the messages he sent. 

Another one that made me laugh was a woman who sent me a message, regarding the colour of a handbag. Maybe because I'm a bloke, I don't know but I thought, "Is she winding me up?" I told her the colour, then I received another message about the dimensions. Again, I told her. Moving forward, the woman bought the bag, I sent it, it arrived. I then got another message from her, "It's not what I was looking for, it is too small". Fair enough, if you're paying for it you want it to be right, we can all agree on that. However, I gave her the dimensions, what did she do with that information?! Again, I can understand some things look different in real life but I can't imagine it had shrunk in the post. I only sent the bag second class so it can't of shrunk with the velocity of delivery!

I've had all sorts of little things like this happen. Obviously, these aren't scandalous but funnier to see how other people's minds work toward buying crap online. I had someone win an item (via bidding on it) and refused to pay it until they received the item, I mean I'm no Sherlock Holmes but that screamed scandal. The fact he attempted it suggests he has done it before and got away with it!

As my first post I'm aware I'm not on par with J.K Rowling. I'd love to hear other people's stories regarding selling or buying on eBay, If I can be contacted on here? That's how new I am! For anyone that's managed to get this far, thank you for that. Quitters never prosper, apparently! 


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Minority of eBay
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