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A Speech

What’s wrong with our generation? Why are we looked down at? Why do older people think they’re so much better than us and we won’t succeed? What makes adults look at us and cringe? Maybe let out a comment, “Ugh! such a millennial!” Are we really doing something wrong? Will we really not succeed?

In short, the answer is nothing is wrong with our generation, and older people think they are better than us because it is a whole different world we live in. We will prove them wrong and succeed because being different than they were back in the day isn’t a wrong way to live.

In a few years, chances are, we are also going to look down at the younger generations. That’s just how life works, everyone always looking down at everyone else. Everyone always thinking they are superior to anyone who isn’t exactly like them.

We might dress differently, act differently, even have other priorities than other generations, but we are just as accomplishing as they are. In fact, we could even be more accomplishing than they are because of the resources we have access to. We have the world at our fingertips every time we open our phone. The internet can be a dangerous place if it isn’t used wisely, but when it is used wisely, it is a very useful tool that can help a person out no matter where they are. You can almost always get a satisfactory answer anytime you search something up on the web.

When the older generation was growing up they were forced to use their brains a lot more than we are using them. There was not unlimited access to internet. They weren’t able to Google anything in the world whenever they wanted. They had to use their brains when they wanted to figure something out. Nowadays we are considered lazy because of our unlimited resources. If all of the older generations had access to everything we have access to, they would also take advantage of it and use it to the max. We millennials do use our brains, but why should we waste our brain space for things we can easily find on the internet? For some things it's better to use the internet for, rather than go and look it up in a book. If you have it, use it.

Did you know that when hippos are upset, their sweat turns red? Guess what! I didn’t know either until I was writing this speech and it took me just about five minutes to find out thanks to the internet. I didn’t have to go look through an encyclopedia and it saved me time. (I could have probably just bought a Snapple.)

Since 1987, there has been a major rise in people receiving degrees in college. In result to that, there are many more millennials in the workplace, getting themselves pretty high up there with their bosses—which can usually create a lasting bond with people in charge of them.

Because there are so many things always going on, we are taught from a very young age to multitask. For some people that it is not the best, but it can prove to be very helpful. It is rude to do other things when people are talking to you, but it is happening more and more. What people don’t realize is that people actually do hear what they are saying even though they appear to be doing something else. We have acquired a way to divide our attention and accomplish more than we would have been able to had we been working on only one thing.

Being a “millennial” has its pros and cons, as I mentioned above, but so does everything in life. It all depends how one decides to handle the things thrown at them. We will prove the older generations wrong by trying to reach our maximum potential in everything we do. Thank you.

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