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Making Money While You Sleep

It goes without saying that the key factor indicating the success of any business is the profit margin. Obviously there are many ways in which entrepreneurs can strive to boost those figures, but a common dream is attaining maximum return for your money with minimal effort — what the commercial community often refers to as ‘making money while you sleep.’ It might seem like a pipe dream. But there are ways and means of turning that fantasy into something more concrete. Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing.

So what exactly is this terminology, and how does it work? Basically, it’s a classic example of a way to generate passive income. Affiliate marketing can be fraught with issues and difficult to master, and markets can be volatiles. But with a degree of hard work and application at the planning stages, it can also be lucrative.

Setting Yourself Up as an Affiliate

In terms of worldwide trade, affiliate schemes are tapping into a billion dollar market. It is relatively easy to set up an affiliate marketing venture: all you are required to do is sign up to a relevant program, ensure you adhere to its list of rules and regulations, and then you can start with the product promotion. Like any other internet venture, the starting block is an online presence, the platform you set up in order to sell services or products on behalf of the larger organization whose program you have signed up to.

Every time you generate a sale, this will register with your "host" site and you will be rewarded on a commission basis, although other rewards may be forthcoming. The downside is that you are effectively operating as an independent sales consultant so no sales equates to zero income.

Basic Skills

Here’s one of the most attractive features of something with the potential to reap considerable rewards. You don’t need to have a string of business qualifications or a strong background in marketing in order to embark on this undertaking. What you will certainly need to have a grasp of is how the worldwide web actually works. As a sole trader, you won’t be able to pack any of the promotional punch of the business organization you are effectively "piggy backing", but there are plenty of other tools at your disposal.

In the world of website design, search engine optimization has been around for a considerable time. This isn’t just about seeding your adverts with keywords, but also understanding how search engines operate. It’s no use simply randomly placing the terms you think will serve as bait — search engines are sophisticated enough to recognize when a particular word or phrase hasn’t been used logically. So it’s important to create web content that will fully engage, not only with your customers but also in terms of raising your site’s rankings. You can also look into affiliate partnerships by researching TopOffers — collaboration is another great way to get those search engines buzzing with feedback.

When social media is added to the equation then the right product descriptions can really go viral. If you can spend some time in being creative about posting your products — eye-catching images, clean but sophisticated page layouts, an element of customer-focused branding — then people will be drawn to what you have on offer. This can translate into sales.

Most of the most successful online ventures have a strong image and one of the fundamental aspects of this is a unique domain name. There should also be a recognizable sales pitch, one that returning customers will grow familiar with and, hopefully, continue sticking with. But at the initial stages, you can easily set up an affiliate program by using the platform of a free blog. You can put all your focus into crafting superb web content, or paying a creative expert to do that for you.


Your affiliate marketing program need not be tied with unique income strands. Once people become familiar with working in one particular market they can think about branching out, developing a portfolio of sites. The more outlets you can provide for your customers, the greater your chances of achieving those all-important website hits and potential sales.

Having established your mini business empire, another bonus is the fact that web pages that have been well designed in the first instance shouldn’t need regular revision. Of course, you should keep your site looking fresh and current with a modicum of refreshment, but this needn’t be an onerous task.

Customer Interaction

As mentioned earlier, you don’t have access to your host site(s) huge marketing budgets. On the other hand, you won’t have to carry out any customer service function. If there are any complaints about the products or services these will always be referred to the host company.

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Making Money While You Sleep
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