Making Money Online: Is Qmee Worth It?

Is it worth using Qmee?

For those of you who don't know what it is, Qmee is an extension that allows you to be paid for clicking on sponsored links when you make certain searches. Basically, the link pops up and you click on it and get paid the amount that it says beside the link. It's been around for a really long time, but it has grown in popularity in recent years as it has added new functions to the site.

But is Qmee worth spending any time on at all? 

The Searches

I personally can't see any pattern emerging when it comes to the searches, but then again I have only profited from the searches twice. So I think you just have to search organically and use Qmee as you would normally use a search engine, just act like it isn't there, and if you happen to make any money then just see that as a bonus.

If you find a paying search, a sidebar will appear where you can click the link, wait until the page loads, and then go back to the results page. Normally you will be given another paying link to click on. Searches are normally worth about 6p each, so you'll get a total of about 12p per search.

Don't expect paying searches on a regular basis; if you do then you will be disappointed. They don't happen often, but when they do, make the most of them. 

The Surveys

Qmee has recently(ish) added surveys to their website, meaning you can make small amounts of money for taking surveys, which is a very popular way of making money online. There are a lot of surveys so you will normally have at least one to choose from!

The surveys range from about 6p to around 50p, depending on how long they take. Like any other survey site, sometimes you get high paying ones that don't take long, other times you get low paying ones that could take ages, but the times and rewards are right there for you to see, so it is up to you to make the decision about which survey you wish to take.

It says that you will receive your reward in two hours maximum, but I have never had to wait for more than five minutes.

Answer the questions very carefully as there are some trick questions thrown in to make sure that you are actually paying attention. And if you rush through the survey, you will either be kicked off of it, or you won't get your reward.

I have taken a lot of surveys and gotten to the end and been told I don't qualify or simply not been credited, which for anyone who takes surveys online makes you absolutely fuming. This in turn has led me to only take surveys that are very short so I don't waste too much of my time. But I seem to get to the end of these and not be credited now which is pretty annoying.

The Rewards

You can choose PayPal cash, a gift card, or you can donate to charity, there is no minimum needed to cash out. 

The Help

I tried to contact Qmee about a non-paying survey once and got no response back, so I quickly realized they were one of those sites where they couldn't care less if you get paid or not, as long as the survey company steals your information, that's all they need. Don't expect help from them, because I doubt that you will get any. 

Is Qmee worth it?

No, it's not, you'll end up getting frustrated because the surveys don't credit or you just get kicked off and the lack of help will only make you more annoyed. Qmee is not a site I would recommend to anyone. 

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Making Money Online: Is Qmee Worth It?
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