Making Money Online: Is Opinion Outpost Worth It?

Is it worth using Opinion Outpost to make money?

Taking surveys in exchange for money is one of the most popular ways of making money online and one of the reasons for this is because there are so many different websites that allow you to do this, that making at least some money is normally guaranteed from at least one of the websites. And whilst everyone has their favorite website, some just genuinely aren't worth your time because some are poorly designed, and some are just scams. But does Opinion Outpost fall into any of those categories? 

The Points System

It's fairly easy to work out the Opinion Outpost points system: one point is equal to 0.05p, and the minimum I have ever been offered is five points for a three minute survey, so in theory, five pence for three minutes work is not too bad. 

The Subjects

The subjects range from boring to less boring, but I find this the same on all survey sites. Most are about products and services so it can be fun to know what new things companies are bringing out before everyone else does. Keep it to yourself though: you agree to keep things private at the beginning of a lot of surveys and if you don't, legal action can be taken against you. 

The Surveys

The rewards are reasonable for most of the surveys. Some of them are a little stingy, but unfortunately, you don't get to select which surveys you take. If you click "take another survey" you will be taken to the next one which could be 30 minutes long or it could be three minutes.

As with all survey sites, you are asked qualification questions at the beginning to see if you are eligible for the survey, but even if you qualify, this doesn't mean you will be given the chance to complete it. You will be asked the same questions again once the survey starts and you could be disqualified by the survey company, rather than Opinion Outpost. So don't get too excited until you have completed and been credited.

Some survey sites will have a lot of surveys that have technical issues and stop in the middle of a survey (it is so annoying). I am not sure whether this is the fault of the website or those that created the survey, but either way it is a pain in the butt. However, with most survey sites, this doesn't happen too often. And it never used to happen with Opinion Outpost, but in my recent experience and according to other users, it is happening more and more. And no matter whose fault it might be, it is a waste of everyone's time. Another thing that has started to happen more and more is for you to get to pretty much to the end of the survey and to be told that you don't qualify. This is another massive waste of time and is conning users into filling out surveys for no reward! 

Getting Help

Don't expect much help from the administration team, and certainly don't expect help on the same day. You will have to wait at the very least one day before you get a reply and the chances are it won't be particularly helpful when you do. 

Payments and Rewards

There are various rewards to collect on Opinion Outpost, everything from PayPal cash to B and Q vouchers. You need 200 points for a gift card, but only 50 points minimum for PayPal cash which is what I have always chosen. It is delivered quickly, normally within a few hours, but recently it has started to take a couple of days. 

Is Opinion Outpost Worth it?

No, not really, it used to be, but the quality of the site and the quality of the surveys have both gone downhill really fast. I used to highly recommend it, even up until a couple of months ago, but now I would only use it if you absolutely have to.

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Making Money Online: Is Opinion Outpost Worth It?
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