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Living in Dallas, TX (Economics)

Job Opportunities

I am here to share a story about living and working in Dallas, Texas. People want to move here because they see that there are a lot of money opportunities here, but what they don't see is that it's also hard to find jobs here. Yes it is a lot of money flowing around, but the reality here depends if you get the opportunity or not. Particularly for black people, it's hard here in Dallas. You have some employers here that are "secretly racist." They don't say any racist slurs but they ask you a lot of questions and then they rush you to the next question, not letting you answer much. One thing is for sure: they are not smiling at you because they are not happy to see you. They treat you differently than the other candidates.  Here is another problem we face as job candidates: being bilingual. These days, you can't pass up a post that says "bilingual required." It's way too many!! It's hurting a lot of people who don't speak Spanish. You don't hear a lot of this because we have been trained here in Texas to not speak about certain things. 

Some employers go as far as having the job posts in Spanish. When you ask them what are the requirements, they tell you that you have to be bilingual. This would even be a warehouse job! You can't find not one MetroPCS company that will hire you without you being bilingual. Another issue we face is transportation. If you are on the bus here in Dallas, they won't even give you the slightest chance or even understand why. More and more jobs are getting like that and it's hurting for the ones who are on the bus. So the next time you are thinking about moving to Dallas for money opportunities, if you are black especially...just think about it. I am not saying this is a bad place to live, I am only just saying it's hard to find jobs and especially blue collar jobs. A lot of jobs require you to have so much experience bit they only pay eight dollars an hour. You go through so many interviews here in Texas to the point you want to give up!  On top of that, the minimum  wage has not been raised up yet. Yes you guys, the minimum wage is still $7.25. If you get an apartment here, it will cost around $750. These apartments can vary old or low income. 

Another thing I have noticed  is when you are going to college or  university, they seem more reluctant to hire you. They continue to explain that they are looking for people who will work in the company and go up. For me, I am not interested in their companies. I don't tell them that, but it is in the back of my mind. They don't tell you why they won't hire you, but most likely, it is the reason. Now here in Dallas, it is fun if you have the money. We have all sorts of bars here in Dallas. We also have the best hotels here, and clubs!!! Oh, and be careful and try not to drink and drive here, because the "Don't Mess With Texas" quote is not a theory! 

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Living in Dallas, TX (Economics)
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