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Life As a Copywriter

Writing Is What Makes You a Writer

I write copy. I have managed to train myself in writing copy since August of 2017. I attempt to write three articles of copy per day. The website I’m a member of has me at 2-stars right now and I was previously a 3-star. Occasionally I make mistakes because of my schizophrenia. I try too hard to fix them, but then I perceive them as unfixable so I give up. I usually send articles like that back, although this time I feel I should have given up. There is far more work at level 3. But level 2 is less responsibility.

As a copywriter, I summarize when I can, and I replace words when I can. I try really hard not to copy word for word. Editing does take place. I edit as I go along. I edit in real time. I don’t often use track changes for editing except when editing a long paper. I write copy to make extra money on the side. These days, I’ve come to realize I’m good at writing copy, and I’m using both my A.A. in anthropology and my A.A. in creative writing, as well as my Bachelor’s in creative writing.

I write copy as a means to an end. I have written a total of 277 texts since August 2017. I got the idea for this job through Work 2 Future where I realized I had the ability to get this job done in the present without requiring special training. I already had my B.A. I write anyway as a side effect of having learned how to write in the past. I’m using it to make money at least. I’m also looking for copywriting, editor, and freelance writer positions online. I’m doing my best to apply for a minimum amount of jobs per day so as not to over-extend myself.

My writing has gained a lot by practicing copywriting every day. I write people's summaries very well. The sports piece I wrote was something I didn’t think would pass but it did. It passed copy very quickly. I write pieces that get accepted, and yet I’m a level 2. I can wait around as a level 2 until I get passed again, able to do higher levels like 3. There is simply less work at level 2, but I will have to stick it out until I get back to a level 3.

Copywriting with a thesaurus must take place, if only because thesauruses are useful to change words with. If you need to find another word for “industry,” you can always use the term “business.” Both are synonyms for each other. Thesaurus also contain antonyms, not that the opposite meaning is something I use often. Writing copy provides great practice, daily, if for the sake of practicing. Writing is an exercise writers do daily. This is what makes them a writer. The act of writing, not the act of publishing yourself or promoting your work is what makes a person a writer.

Publishing your work to be read is only a part of the process. Writing coherently means helping your sentences make sense, all the more troublesome for me because I have schizophrenia which is now treated. The act of writing can make or break a writer’s need to publish. I was not allowed to publish much after I got my Bachelor’s although I was writing without the intent to publish until I self-published my fiction called Opening New Dimensions on Createspace/Amazon. This got done, but it didn’t really sell. One person bought a copy. I have to prepare my first book for publication while my second book is barely underway because I have trouble working on my fiction right now. 

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Life As a Copywriter
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