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Let's Get Prepared to Work from Home

The Entire 411 on Preparing to Work from Home

Many people would love to work from home. Working from home can be the most rewarding way to earn income to take care of your family. 

There are two ways to work from home:

You can work as an employee/independent contractor or as a business owner.  So let's say that you decided you wanted to work from home and be a business owner. Let's take a look at the checklist below of what you would need to get started to work from home. 

Checklist to Start Your Own Business from Home

Let's Get Started!!!!

This checklist will plan your course of action, create custom strategies, and provides the main focuses for becoming a business owner at home. After you have checked everything off our checklist then you will move on to setting up your home office. You won't want to work in bed everyday, and trust me it wouldn't feel professional for your clients if you have to do a video call (lol). 

17 Items You Need to Set up Your Home Office

This checklist below well make sure you have all the essentials needed for your home office. Separate them by the ones you absolutely need and the ones that you can get later. Add any additional items if you are working for a business as an employee and what items they will also request. 

1. Computer

A computer will be the most essential part of your home office. You definitely will need it over you cell phone or tablet. Some systems will not work on your mobile devices. You can choose between a desk top or a laptop. My suggestion is even if you purchase or own a Desktop computer, it's still a great idea to have a laptop so that your work can travel with you.  

2. Monitor

Monitors are defiantly needed. I suggest if you are going to be working any job with a lot of different systems like most companies will use multiple monitors will make your job so much easier. It's very possible to do the work with one monitor but Dual Monitors enable you to see different things at the same time. 

3. High-Speed Internet Access

High speed internet access is very much needed. The better the speed the better the systems will work. Some companies require a certain level speed for the various systems used at the same time. A lot of jobs won't allow you to use hot-spot or wifi, you will actually need Ethernet. If you are working your own business wifi will usually work fine depending on which business you are running. 

4. Desk

Yes, if its in your budget purchase you a nice desk, with multiple shelves and space for additional office items. If you can't at the time purchase a desk use your imagination. I have made myself a desk using my filing cabinet, a table, or anything that you can comfortably work on and that can fit all your office equipment 

5. Chair

You chair is very important. Just like we pick a very comfortable bed to sleep in because we are in there so much, same as for your Office Chair. You will be in this chair for hours so you would want to invest in the best you can afford. I promise your back with thank you so much :). 

6. Adequate Lighting

Lighting is very important. You should at least have a great lap over your desk so that you won't strain your eyes and have headaches trying to see your keyboard and anything needed in your office. Also it will definitely  keep you from falling asleep. 

7. Telephone and/or VoIP

Most companies require you to have a hard wire phone line and does not want you to use VOIP meaning, Voice over Internet Protocol, due to the fact that its over the internet and not a sure constant connection. This can cause a lot of disturbance in your calls and dropped calls as well. 

8. Software

You will definitely need a software to type your documents and reports. There is Office 365 which is a great paid software, but there is also many free software that you can use. Also, depending on if you are having employees or what type of business you are running, you might need additional cloud software like Sales Force. 

9. Network Router

Wireless Routers are the most common routers. Depending on if you are working for a job you will need one so that you can connect to ethernet from your router. Also if you have more than one computer a router will also be needed. 

10.  Surge Protector

Even though we forget this item, it will become a lifesaver. You are able to connect all your office equipment to this Surge Protector right next to your desk and it will ALWAYS be more than 2 things needed to be plugged in. You can buy these at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Office Depot or shop online from Amazon or E-Bay

11.  Printer or Multipurpose Machine

I prefer the Multipurpose Printer Machine that Prints, Copies, and Scan. A fax is not required when you can scan the documents and fax with free services like Google Fax. 

12.  Backup Drive or Personal Server

Computers are made to fail so it's always wise to backup all your files. You can do this with a USB Backup Drive, I have a large junk drive and also I use cloud services like Google Drive. 

13.  Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

We want to be able to still make our money even if we loose electricity. The UPS will enable you to do just that. 

14.  File Cabinet

This is needed even if you are doing a paperless office. For Contracts, Documents that you needed to have a hard copy for, your filing cabinet will be your best friend. Especially if you do Tax Preparation Business as myself this is Required by the IRS. 

15.  Storage

Even if your desk is large or small using a small shelf or additional area to have all your copier paper, pens, sticky notes, and additional items you will need to store. 

16.  Fire-Safe Box

This is needed for you very very important documents. Me being a fire victim I will always make sure to have a Fire-Safe Box. This is a must have storage item. 

17.  Paper Shredder

You will definitely need to shred all confidential information instead of throwing it away. This paper shredder will allow you to do that. 

Use this checklist to get started thinking about the essentials. You will definitely have to get additional things besides what I have listed for you today but this list will definitely get you started with have a prosperous Work From Home Office. 

Okay so we are all prepared to start our business with our new home office, but let's say you want to just work for someone instead. Have a set hourly schedule, and receive a paycheck where taxes are taken out then or at the end of the year with your 1099. Working for someone could be great too especially if you just want to go to work and then tend to your family. They have companies that will allow VTO (Voluntary Time Off) where if you had to leave to run to your child school or you need an hour off in the middle of your schedule to run some errands some companies allow this. There are so many companies that hire agents from home. Arise, Intuit, Apple, Amazon, E-Bay, Staples, and so much more. 

An awesome job search site for legit work from home jobs is:

RatRacerbellion Is AWESOME

Once you search for jobs, apply and finally get hired, you will know what all is needed for whichever particular company you are hired for. Some companies even Send YOU the equipment to work with, such as, computer, headset, and Ethernet cable. It just really just depends on the company.  

So before you start your journey to Work From Home and join this awesome and rewarding life know that this is REAL, the money is REAL, and the jobs are REAL!

More Questions?

Contact me by email or phone on my website below:

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Let's Get Prepared to Work from Home
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