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Katie Marchbank13 hours ago
What It's Like to Be: A Mime
You know 'em, you love 'em, and you prefer them over clowns: Mimes. You typically think of mimes as a dude in a black and white outfit and makeup, trapping themselves in an invisible box, and trying t...
Heather Wilkins13 hours ago
Not Fitting in Anywhere
This week I had only one good day. I never messed up any orders and I got everything right. Tuesday, I ended up sick with a bug and I'm still trying to recover from it.
Francis Milligan14 hours ago
Creating a Simple Social Media Strategy
With social media usage on the rise every day and more ways for people to connect with each other, share their lives' little tidbits and be exposed to by many companies, what can be done to ensure tha...
10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Server/Bartender
An Insight Into the World of Restaurant Working and Workers
C.E. Zulin2 days ago
Writing Literature for the 21st Century Reader
It's 2018. The age of computers has all but made the typewriter an ancient artifact lost to time as the dawn of a new, highly-educated populace rises into adulthood. So why then does it feel like thin...
What It's Like to Be: Influencer Marketer Taylor Mobley
Taylor Mobley is just like you—but she lives under the microscope of 27,000 passionate Instagram followers. Taylor, the sole head and curator of Blonde and Ambitious, is a blogger and influencer marke...
Disabled People Need Money
Disabled people need money just like everybody else. Some of us are fairly functional and can handle working. I’m applying as a cook at a chain restaurant. The open interviews are today. My knee is mo...
Interview with We Sway's Founder, Danny Tirmizi
Have you ever wondered how brands were able to get major pop icons and local celebrities to tout their products? In the past, it actually used to be very difficult. Entire agencies would need to be em...
Nancy D3 days ago
So You Want to Be a Firefighter?
If you want to be a firefighter, know that the health benefits and friends are for a lifetime, the money is good, and there is room to be promoted. However, there are some negative parts to the job to...