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Claire Peters11 hours ago
Everything You Need to Know About the Art Glass Market
Art glass artists use glass to make both decorative and functional pieces. Although there are specific types of art glass that have a lengthy history, such as stained glass, there are more contemporar...
Kevin a day ago
Listening to Your Employees
Effective listening is essential to motivating employees. If you think about it, you always listen to the people you care about. Listen when your boss talks to you. Listen when you look up, and talk t...
Kari Oakleya day ago
How to Improve the Culture in Your Business
Whether you know it or not, your company has its own culture. It is formed by the personality, behavior, and work of the people in the team. The way they interact with other team members and customers...
6 Unique Ways to Improve Efficiency in the Company
Now is a good time to think of numerous ways to increase the productivity of your employees. Workers are spending most of their time at the office. Some of them are working well over the typical 40-ho...
Kari Oakley2 days ago
3 Tips to Becoming a Better Social Media Marketer
Whether you’re marketing for your company or promoting your own personal profiles, becoming a social media marketing maven is a lucrative skill to have in this day and age. No matter the size of a com...
Raven Wade3 days ago
How to Boost Your Income in College
College is one of the most difficult times for adults financially. The tuition prices are outrageous and you can’t put as many hours as you’re used to into your job so your paychecks begin to get smal...
Dawn Castell3 days ago
Tips to Hiring a Better and More Qualified Team
If you want to run a successful sales business, you need to hire the right sales team. After all, your sales team is responsible for generating revenue. So how do you hire the right sales team? Here a...
Indy Summers3 days ago
10 Ways to Create a Positive Work Environment
Let's face it-—we spend a lot of time at work. With so many hours invested in our work atmosphere and the people around us that we work with, we could all use a more positive climate to spend our days...
Kevin Gardner3 days ago
8 Tips to Make Your Work Day Easier
Mental health is not only facilitated by a healthy diet, but peace of mind also enables it. Being free from stress at work will allow you to have optimal mental health and quality of life. Here are ei...