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It Pays to be Nice to Your Cashier

Being nice is one of the best lifehacks you will ever use.

Wouldn't this money look good in your wallet?

I have quite a few years of experience in retail. From that experience I can guarantee you that if you are kind to your cashier, they will be kind back. While having kind exchanges with others should be rewarding it can also help your wallet as well when it involves those in charge of the register.

So, what kind of magical money saving powers does your cashier have anyways? Behind most cash registers is a pile of abandoned coupons forgotten by the same people who run out of the store without their change, receipt, and sometimes even their merchandise. Most companies prohibit employees using the coupons on themselves; however, there is no rule against helping the customers out. So, when someone steps up to my line and is extra friendly I try to help them out by finding a nice coupon. After all, small acts of kindness are very appreciated after long lines of people who forget you are also a person.

When I say we have coupons behind the register they aren’t just fifty cents off your paper towels kind of coupons. There are the twenty percent off your whole purchase kind of coupons, earn five dollars off your next purchase, and weekly store coupons that we are only supposed to use if told by the customer. These coupons could wind up saving you upwards of twenty dollars a week and that will definitely add up.

Now sure, you could just ask the cashier for these coupons and check if each individual item has a coupon. However, if you are nice most of the time the cashier knows all the coupons and will automatically give them to you. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be nice anyways and cans streamline your checkout a bit.

Unfortunately, the cashier won't always have a coupon to help you out but, that doesn’t mean your kindness was for nothing. If you are a regular at a store and start forming bonds with the employees, chances are they will purposely save coupons for next time you stop in! Employees want to help the costumers that make their job enjoyable, easier, or at the very least tolerable.

One way to connect to employees is the help them out with their work. I do not mean you should start putting things away and cleaning. Sharing your opinion of products you have purchased can be extremely helpful. Tell an employee that the shampoo you bought last week has made your hair shiny and beautiful or tell them how awful it was. They can use that advice when someone asks which shampoo they should get. This will help the employees become more knowledgeable and they will appreciate your assistance.

When it comes to being nice remember your manners, greet employees like people since they are in fact people. Ask how their day is with the intent of actually connecting with them. If there is a problem in the store, address it without putting blame on employees when it is out of their control. Generally, treat others as you would like to be treated and it will go a long way.

Many customers seem to think complaining is the best way to save money. While that tactic may work sometimes I would urge you to realize the harm you are doing to other people. There’s no need to be rude when being kind can yield the same results and leave a positive impact on the people around you.

I urge you to be kind and remember your cashier has feelings, and in return you may also save a couple dollars in the process. If not, it doesn't hurt to be nice.

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It Pays to be Nice to Your Cashier
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