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Intro to Kai Storm Books - The Come Up!

Blogging with purpose! What lead me?! What continues to lead me! Yes, it's a journey that you should join in!

I've always said that my trolling on Twitter pays off, it always has and Thank God it always will. From the moment I joined the social media 'big dawg' as I like to call it, every tweet I sent/resent, every new follower I gained as well as every follow I clicked allowed me some form of jewel to move on and move up. Don't get me wrong, I troll all forms of social media I'm attached to and just like on Twitter my trolling gives me access to shiny jewels that help me and my business grow. This time, trolling on Twitter lead me to Vocal and just like any opportunity that's been offered to me in the past, I'm jumping on this! Like one of my favorite comedians says, "you can't turn down nothing but your collar!"

Who Am I?

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kai Storm and I'm an author of six novels. I write under the genre of urban fiction and erotica and I promote fellow authors on my sites. I use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, Tumblr & Instagram to not only promote myself/my books but also to feature authors, artists, poets and musicians who are just like me...on the come up. My novels are available in book stores and libraries nationally and I've done a number of book signings and public speaking events since I was published in 2011. I have a daytime job which keeps me and my family out of the homeless shelter but writing has always been and always will be my "foundation passion" as I like to call it (I happen to have a few and this is my all time go-to). In the beginning when nobody knew me, I used my art as a companion and as my personal entertainment; never did I dream that one day someone would pay for my version of entertainment.

What is Urban Erotica?

When I first moved from Panama to New York at the age of 8, I wasn't bi-lingual yet and as a matter of fact, learning English was a bit of a challenge even though my mother spoke both English and Spanish; mainly because my mother's version of English was not only broken but accent filled which gave me an extra hurdle to overcome. My efforts to make English my second language were not moving fast enough for me to gain friends so most times when I was out and about in the neighborhood, I would end up just sitting on my stoop and observing my neighborhood. My "people watching" would prompt my mind to create elaborate stories about what could be going on with a particular person I was observing. My mental pop up stories would be so creative and detailed that I would get completely lost in my own imagination therefore I always felt like I had a movie theater in my head. The idea to actually write the stories down came out of boredom, just a natural need to give myself something to do to kill time; never did I think of sharing these stories nor did I even imagine someone would be entertained by my crazy thoughts. FAST FORWARD to adulthood where I've got notebooks filled with stories, thoughts & emotions I let bleed out of my heart onto paper and I decide to let one of my friends read one of my stories. Of course, a friend is going to tell you that what you've written is great and give you all the encouragement to publish it you just go with that or do you try to get an unbiased opinion? Well, this same friend knew someone who was starting a publishing company and was interested in reading my work. Shocking isn't it?! Yes I know but this is what gave me the encouragement to have someone look at my work and determine it's value and three weeks after sending in the first three chapters, I was being offered a publishing contract.

I don't know what exactly determines what genre an author writes from. For me, writing was the equivalent of me sitting in my own personal movie theater and writing down what I see but at the time, I had no idea it was called urban fiction. For me, anything urban is street, hood, local even...something that you come across regularly in your day to day life. When creating a story, I feel like it has to have a bit of realism in order for it to be good; it has to feel like it could've happened or the characters have to come across like they've lived at one point or else it's not believable. All of my books talk about real places, dibble and dabble into real facts and create a grand stage for an elaborate tale that by the end, it'll have you questioning your own sanity. Erotica for me is a full blown expression of three little letters called s-e-x using unique and sensual words to get your idea across so when I decided to put the two words 'urban erotica' together, it was like I jumped into a new rabbit hole head first. Reading alone sparks your mind's third eye to activate but when you mix up a potion of stimulation, creativity and top it off with an icing of hair raising reality you end up with a wicked combination called urban erotica. Urban erotica will release the inner voyeur in you, make you pleasantly uncomfortable in your space while allowing your wild side to flow.

My Inspiration

It literally became the test to see if I could really do this, if I really had the ability to entertain with written words. Within six months of signing my first publishing contract, I had an actual paperback in my hand WITH my name on it....well...I have to be honest/specific about this particular first meeting with my first book. You see, the first time I had an actual copy of Alani's Bigger Hustle, it was owned by my neighbor. Before the book was published, I had everyone I knew pre order their copy and my neighbor just happen to get her book first. I still remember to this day how hot and sweaty I was coming home from work, just tired and frustrated from the commute to all of sudden bump into my neighbor who was smiling from ear to ear as she held my first published novel. Not only did my mood improve immediately, I also took some great selfies with my first baby. Alani's Bigger Hustle has two follow up novels called Alani's Hustle Gets Bigger & Alani's Hustle: La Familia. My first erotic novel called You Just Don't Know allowed my imagination to express itself like never before because not only is it hardcore in emotions but also divulges quiet-is-kept secrets of a sexually 'free' society; it even taught me things I would have never known (imagine that!) Romance and the idea that love conquers all were the main building blocks for my fifth book called That One Voice. While penning this novel, I felt like everything around me needed more love and romance as I was going through a tough break up I needed a reason to believe in love and this book did just that. My sixth novel called Where's My Daddy is more of an autobiographical story; writing this novel forced me to not only face some hard truths but to also forgive myself and let go which was very hard to do prior to this book. Where's My Daddy gave me a reason to move on and say I'M OKAY.

The moral of my story is...

Of course, there's been some glitches along the way, mishaps and confusion but it's never deterred me from pursuing my writing career; in fact, the more I do the more I'm involved in the more I want to do. That One Voice is the first book I published on my own and although it's a harder struggle to publish on my own, the education gained from self publishing is immeasurable. Through promoting, I've learned different styles of marketing and advertising so in every way, I'm evolving as I should. I use everything in my path in order to learn and grow and if you're serious about your art, you'll definitely make this a priority. When I first started in this business, I reached out to authors who I didn't know and asked them for advice. Some were very helpful, some...not so much but either way I learned a lot that helped me along the way so when I'm asked questions, I do my best to help because I do remember when it was me needing help.

As I evolve, I learn and as I learn I share with others because one thing you can never do is forget how you came up!

Kai Storm Books

Feel free to checkout my books. 

Reach out to Kai Storm:

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Intro to Kai Storm Books - The Come Up!
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