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My First Day as a Housekeeper

Superstar Shades

First off, I'd like to introduce myself. My pseudo name is Savvy Shades. I'm not gonna start at the beginning. I'm going to start with a real-life story. I think back to my time as a service member. At this point in my career, I was single. I was an athlete. I was looking to make more money while in the military. Contrary to what a lot of people think, military pay isn't that much. Yes, they provide things like healthcare, housing, travel. No one ever asks nor inquires about what YOU give up in order to receive those benefits. You give up you. You lose your freedom of speech to name one and you forfeit the others. Okay, that's enough, let's get into this housekeeper thing.

Imagine the year is 1999. Yes, 1999, I was enlisted and stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Being young and from the east coast, I wasn't excited about being stationed near the Rocky Mountains. I had run into some financial troubles and needed to make some extra cash. So what did I do? I went to a staffing agency for work. I wanted something off post and completely different from my job. I was open-minded UNTIL...

One Saturday morning, let's say in May of 1999, I show up for my first day housekeeping at a hotel not too far from base. Now I've traveled before and I've seen housekeepers. I never really thought about what they did until that Saturday. Okay, so I show up bright and early. Didn't wanna arrive late. As I am waiting for the other suckers (like me), I'm mean agency staffers to show up, I begin to assess the situation. So the head housekeeping supervisor meets with us to brief us on our duties.

I'm standing there listening thinking that I could do this. I made it through basic training, righht?! Dodged some bullets and even threw a couple of grenades. Honey, let me tell you, I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR HOUSEKEEPING! Hahhahahahaha!

The supervisor ended her brief down the hallway where we were assigned our carts for the day. We also were informed about the number of rooms and floors to complete. Naturally, after this, I got started. I was like okay I can do this. I was ready, right? Anybody can clean a room. It's easy peasy. No, it ain't, hhahahaha. The things customers do in those rooms are hilarious and despicable at the same time. Look, I tried to make it through the whole shift. I did about 11 rooms before lunch. As a newbie, I thought I was doing good. On the contrary, my dear Watson, I was waaaayyyyy behind. So I took a break and re-assessed my need to be here. 

You know what conclusion I came to? I'm not a housekeeper. I hate it. I'm not throwing shade on it as a profession, it's a job. I just know that for me leaving unannounced during my lunch was the best decision I ever made. (I'm in tears typing this! 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂) I couldn't continue and my mind wouldn't tell my legs to go back either! Hhahahhaha, I had just cleaned the nastiest room on my floor. I won't divulge what they did to the towels. Nor will I give account to all the comforters used as a receptacle for human fluids either. I think you get my point. Those rooms were some of the nastiest cleaning experiences in my life. I respect housekeeping now. I also know what a dirty room really is. Housekeeping is tough and demanding. There are way too many rooms for one individual to clean alone. Be nice and speak to your housekeeper. Hospitality is difficult to do.