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How To Write an Interview Thank-You Email

Interviewing for a job can be difficult, but there's still another element afterwards. This is how to write an interview thank-you email.

Now that you've made it through your job search and interview process, there's the selection process, which can go either way depending on how you respond. Some hiring managers will opt to select someone else if they don't receive a follow-up email, sensing that you're not interested. So crafting together a thank-you email is essential in locking down a job. This is how to write an interview thank-you email properly. 

Thank them for interviewing and considering you.

First and foremost, thank the hiring manager for considering you for the position. It shows that you're appreciative of their time and proactive. Sending them a thank-you email shows that you want the job and that kind of determination will help you stand out in a sea of other candidates. Show them that you genuinely care about the position and it will show. 

Make it personal.

The problem with most follow-up emails is that many of them sound too robotic without mentioning any specifics about the interview. If you personalize it by addressing each interviewer and talking about the position you're applying for, it sounds more human and leaves a positive impression. Personalizing it is essential for a post-interview thank you email. 

Express what makes you different.

There are many other candidates applying for the same job. One of the most important parts of the interview is having the ability to sell yourself. You need to find what separates you from everybody else and exploit it as much as possible. Listing a few creative ideas and solutions in your interview thank-you email shows what makes you different than everyone else and will make them more inclined to hiring you. 

Mention observations from the interview.

Mentioning things you learned from the interview will not only show that you paid attention to your interviewers, but that you're interested in the job. Include something like, "I enjoyed what you had to say about..." If you include these kinds of observations, it'll show that you want the job. 

Send the email within 24 hours of the interview.

Timing is everything. Make sure that you send your interview thank-you email no later than 24 hours after the interview. It will keep them interested in your candidacy and also show your interest in the job. If you email too soon, it'll show that you're desperate. And if you email too late, it'll show that you're not interested or lazy. Sending an email within 24 hours should be perfect timing. 

Email each person involved in the interview.

When you leave an interview, make sure that you collect each person involved in the interview's business cards and contact information. It's important to show that you respect each person that took the time to consider you. When they eventually meet to discuss the candidates they want to hire, you will have a much better chance if they're all familiar with you, instead of just one. 

Show your interest in the job.

This is pretty self-explanatory. You want the job, right? So show them that you want the job in an organized, professional way. In your interview thank-you email, make sure that you just reiterate that you understand the job and what it entails. In your interview thank-you email, you want to emphasize that you are confident and well qualified for the job, so show it by expressing your interest.  

Keep it brief.

Having a good length is also important. Don't write them a novel but also don't give them a short paragraph which could come across as negligent and hasty. Just make sure to hit on the key points of your interview thank-you email and keep them interested in reading it. 

Provide any portfolio links.

Providing one or two links to supplement your application can always help your candidacy. It can give your potential employer a visual aid as to what you're capable of and what you can bring to the job. Include your links at the bottom of the email and keep it brief and easy to follow. 

Be professional.

This is also self explanatory, but remember to be professional. Don't use any slang terms or informal speech you may use with your friends. This will only show that you're incapable of holding a job and correspond with co-workers or potential clients in a professional manner. Make sure that you optimize company culture and proper etiquette in your interview thank-you email. Also be aware of your social media and be careful not to feature any embarrassing photos or anything that might hinder your possibility of getting hired. 

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How To Write an Interview Thank-You Email
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