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How To Start a Business for Those on SSI

Getting People on SSI a Way to Make Money

I have an idea for a turnkey website designed to help people start a business rapidly. It would help people on SSI and SSDI make money to get off those systems and live freely. It would be a massive collection of links to Nolo press as well as city websites everywhere in the United States for every major city. It would be functioning as part social network, part database. The website would help a business owner write a business plan using business plan template software. We would make every Nolo press paper or paperless contract available on the site. SSI could use this to promote the PASS Plan that gets people to plan ahead financial self-sufficiency.

An owner could plan and execute their own business with all the information on the website. Often, with little help from anybody else. They are able to pull together information from various resources, including Google, which would be a customized business-related database. This is a ticket for many people to get off SSI or SSDI or any other government-related income schemes that keep disabled people trapped in the pattern of not being able to make too much money. The only way to get cut is to make money. So to have a turnkey style database and social network would help many people make money using the rules of their state, state by state, in all 50 states including Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not always included with the whole of American society in many ways. What I want is to put prosperity in the hands of everybody who wants it. I want to help people on SSI, get off SSI through starting their own businesses. Misty Rose is a prime candidate for this.

She could start her makeup company from information on my site. The site would be a database, a compilation of information that she could get all her information off of. The website would have access to SCORE business counseling so I would have to go talk to them again. It could be a SCORE effort to help me put together an effort like this website. I’m not going to be the only one making money here; I want to help anybody who wants more money to make more money. This idea is big. I need help with it or perhaps seed money. It might be time to talk to a venture capitalist. This idea could make a profit for anybody. We would provide templates for any business you want to have. It would produce a website to market that works similar to Wix for example, but with more help and knowledge available, suited to every state in the United States. We would have small business counselors available to everybody.

SSI is low income and hard to get away from. You stay low income in order to maintain it. The second you make income, you get cut. I want to get anybody who wants to get off SSI off of SSI if such a mass movement is even possible. SSI is a delicate concept for many people. I wish I had known about it in high school, but nobody told me about it then. It could have helped me afford treatment on my own. I wasn’t even allowed to work part-time in high school.

The website would pretty much design a website for free and it would make enough money to pay a percentage back to us of the first profit the website would make for the business owner. That is the payment since this is an effort designed for low-income people to be able to support themselves. If I’m getting off of SSI, I’m taking other people off with me. Anybody who wants money, gets money, and we all can pay our own insurance given the changes to the Affordable Care Act that have recently been made. This business can work for ordinary business owners too if they want to come up with a website for themselves using our templates. I would also make a huge donation to the government so they can maintain the SSI program. I mean if I can be a billionaire, it would be a good chunk of the money to keep people on SSI before they cut the program altogether. I want to single-handedly save SSI. They need somebody to step in, step up, and be able to stand up to the Republicans who want to cut the program altogether. I’m willing to be that person. Who can help me start this business?

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How To Start a Business for Those on SSI
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