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How to Sell Your Writing

Promoting and Advertising Yourself

The biggest mistakes content creators make are failing to promote themselves and failing to promote themselves in the right areas.

First ask yourself: Where are you going to sell yourself? Who will be paying you? What type of content are you creating? Who is your target audience? Where do you think your target audience hangs out on the internet?

Decide who your audience really is.

This can be a multi-tiered question. Let's just say that your area of production is written stories/articles that you want people to read online.

To sell yourself, ask yourself: who would buy this from me?

Your target audience for writing consumers is going to be a versatile group. Now let's say you want to sell yourself and not work for someone else. Let's also say that you want to write whatever you want and not write articles on places like for clients.

If you're willing to write under other people's terms, please go visit, as it is one of the best places to be paid to then create pieces by a customer's guidelines.

But let's say you want to create your own content all by yourself whenever you feel like it.

The benefits of working for someone else includes great promotion and visage to your product. If you don't have this, you need to promote yourself.

So let's talk about audience again. First and foremost, you want people to look at your stories online. What kind of content are you writing? Where do these people go on the internet?

Let's say you write about your life, you are a young adult and offer lists of helpful information to other young adults.

Next thing — go find other websites that feature articles like yours. Do they offer advertising?

Play off of other people's success.

Do you want people to read your fan fiction? Put ads up on a fan fiction site. Do you want people to read your blog posts? Put ads up on a blogging site. You know that the target audience you are looking for is already there.

So where do you start?

In two places. Find a website and create advertising.

Find a place to sell your content:, Vocal.Media, and many others. Research which website you think will best suit your interests.

See if others have had success on the sites. We have Google.

After you find your place, create ads.

The first is, create a Facebook page. Post content there. You can easily advertise yourself by sharing posts to your friends, or promoting your posts to a targeted audience for only a dollar a day.

Second, take the websites that have your target audience and contact them about advertising.

Most places charge around $20-$50 per month to advertise on their sites. You can find contact info normally at the bottom of a website page.

Either design your own ad, or go to to have an ad created for you. Most people on will create an ad for $5-$10 in a few days. You now have a professional ad up on a website. 

You will need to spend some bit of money to promote yourself. The more money you put in, the more you get out.

The process is a slow one. You won't be shown immediate results. You are trying to slowly build an audience that is willing to pay for your writing. Ask for donations, and write a series to keep readers coming back. 

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How to Sell Your Writing
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