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How to Make Money Online with SwagBucks!

The easiest way to earn money on the internet!

If you used SwagBucks back in the day, when it was all about actual merchandise you could redeem your SB for, you need to take another look at it now! Long gone are the silly prizes that cost way too many points. Now, SwagBucks is a gift card (and PayPal) powerhouse! I’ve earned literally HUNDREDS of dollars from SwagBucks.

How it works:

Let’s start with a price breakdown. So 1 SB is about 1 cent, making 100 SB equivalent to 1 USD. You can redeem at as low as 300 SB for a $3 Amazon gift card. These do take up to 10 days to actually be sent to your email, just so you’re aware! I would recommend saving your SB until you have 2,200 points. The first $25 gift card you redeem every month is discounted. So, instead of spending 2,500 points, you spend 2,200. This does not work for the PayPal cards, unfortunately. There are some other deals you can find if you leaf through all the gift cards you can redeem.

Ways to earn:

There are so many different things you can do to earn SB. I’ll give you a list of just a few of the ones I think are best!


To make money without doing anything at all, you can watch videos! There are several ways to do this. You can watch videos through discovery, and earn 1 SB for every 6 ads you see. Some of the content is pretty amusing and entertaining, or you can just let it play in the background.

You can watch videos through the watch portal as well. This will give you pop up videos, and articles that you can just leave open, and collect the SB!

Last but not least, you can watch Hulu like videos about entertainment news. A playlist will automatically play through all the videos. Once you finish the playlist, you will earn some SB.


SwagBucks offers a lot of different types of surveys. You can find them all listed by the amount of time they’ll take, and how many SB you’ll earn! Some of these surveys will earn you quite a few dollars if you have the patience for them! If you don’t qualify for a survey, you will earn 1 SB for trying!


Through the different discovery portals, you can earn SB just for downloading, and playing an App! Some of these games are actually pretty fun, too. I earned $25 just for playing one of these games for a week. I ended up really liking the game, and still play it today! You can find a lot of good deals this way!

They also have their own live trivia game called SwagBucks Live. Play along live, and compete for the grand prize! Typically, you can earn SB just for playing, even if you don’t win! Answering any question right will normally earn you at least 1 SB. It does differ from game to game.


There are a lot of cool trial offers you can get paid to try through Swagbucks! Even things like Hello Fresh! You get a great deal on your first order, AND you earn money back! Currently, you will earn $10 back for trying Hello Fresh, and get $80 your first set of meals. You can scroll through hundreds of offers! There are a lot of food subscriptions, clothing, and even Bark Box! Get rewarded for trying something you were interested in anyway! It’s a win-win.

Cash back shopping:

You can earn cash back nearly anywhere you want to shop online! From Amazon to high-end retailers, you can earn so much money back! SwagBucks also offers special coupons, and deals. All you have to do is click on the store you want, and SwagBucks will take care of the rest.

There are many other ways to earn money through SwagBucks, especially when you’re first starting out! You can sign up here, and earn enough SB for a $3 gift card automatically! Have fun and explore!

Happy Earnings! 

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How to Make Money Online with SwagBucks!
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