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How to Make a Shopper Want Your Products

Getting into the Minds of Shoppers

Salespeople generally have a bad reputation. No one likes to have impractical things pushed on them, with wild promises. But, luckily, someone launching their own brand doesn't have to be THAT kind of salesperson. The sales tactics a brand founder performs are geared to spread a message, not meet a quota.

Brand founders have the flexibility of letting their businesses take off, at their convenience. Not someone else's. Selling to spread the word operates differently, and less cutthroat than selling to bring home a minimum amount of cash each month.

This is the art of sharing, not dealing. There's a lot more to the act of shopping than most stores or even the shoppers themselves are aware of. Find out the breakdown to the sub-conscious psychology of shopping, and the art of courting it.

The art of courting a shopper lays in how you establish a connection with your product and customer. And, like any pitch, the connection lays in how you talk about your product. You don't need to sell them on why you believe in what you made. The art of a successful share lies in empowering the customer to believe in your creations.

We're not talking about the inspiration kind of empowerment. That's too vague. This kind of empowerment is from joining the customer on the internal ride they take when searching for something they need.

Diving inside the mind of a potential customer is scary. It would be scary to do to anyone. But it doesn’t have to be as risky as it is for other salespeople. You’re not convincing or tricking. Your type of sharing aligns more with giving advice about what you created, rather than consulting them on how they can better align with what you created.

And you have to be happy to give that advice, whether it's usable or not. This video explores how. You dive into the psychology of what goes through a person’s mind up to the point you meet them, and what they think as they encounter your products. You are mapping out the road of their thoughts, then take a ride on it, in every moment, without suffocating them.

The purpose of this YouTube channel is to provide sales tactics that help make selling less intimidating on both the customer and seller’s ends. Videos are created to provide more confidence for people who want to make money off their passion and creativity.

Selling is a scary task, and is often the biggest obstacle in gaining confidence that success is worthwhile obtaining. This channel merges the professionalism of selling with the social comfort of everyday friendliness. Of course, a seller doesn’t have to be a friend to the customer. A seller just has to offer an opportunity of a new relationship with the product, and explain that potential relationship—to the T. It’s a lot to keep track of, but it pays off to know that relationship has turned into loyalty, long after you’ve lacked up and left the show.

Elva is a fashion marketing website built to help push the growth of a brand founder’s business. The business model is designed to leverage customer loyalty to translate into an expanding customer base. The terms and conditions of each incentive provided to customers are at the control of the brand founder. Visit Elva to explore our brand founder’s work and learn more about the mission.

Follow Elva News to stay updated on all major social media posts Elva generates, across all channels. Elva News serves as the ad-copy announcers for all content produced that are key to the company.

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How to Make a Shopper Want Your Products
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