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How to Increase Your Productivity?

Causes for Lack of Productivity and Solutions for It

Improving productivity is essentially important not just for work but other aspects of life too. Achieving great productivity helps in maintaining work life balance. There are three main reasons why people are not able to increase their productivity: lack of clear objective, lack of skills and disturbances. We will look solutions to tackle these issues.

1) Lack of Clear Objective

Often the goals set by people are often unrealistic or too big and they try to do all things at one time to achieve it. The first step is to set a realistic big goal and list down all tasks needed to achieve it. After knowing all your tasks, achieve each task one by one. In moving from destination A to B, first we need to have a clear path in our mind which are a list of activities we have listed down. Setting big goals create unrealistic expectations in our mind. If those big goals are not achieved, then we become sad. So, achieve small tasks one at a time and you will reach your destination.

2) Lack of Skills

Working without appropriate skills required for the work is like diving in the sea without knowing swimming. We need to clearly understand the work and know what we have and what we lack. If the job requires us to communicate with clients, then we need to work on our negotiation skills. Understand your various tasks in your work and skill required for each task. If we are applying one strategy to solve the task, then look for a much more optimized way to solve that task. Once we get the optimized way look at the skills and requirements for that task to achieve it.

3) Disturbances

Any work which we are doing which is not helping us in achieving our objective is a disturbance. After listing down the activities, we just need to do that one activity required at that moment in time. Any knowledge outside that activity is completely irrelevant to us. I am not saying to completely stop doing the other activities. Realize the importance of that activity and only devote enough time to it rather than spending all day in irrelevant activities and completely missing out on the main one.

Whenever we start something new, it takes some time to get into our habits, but we need to just keep on going. Once it becomes the rhythm, we will be able to give our maximum in each aspect of our life.

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How to Increase Your Productivity?
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