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How to Increase Productivity by Meditating at Work

Did you know that meditating at work can improve your concentration? This is how to increase productivity by meditating at work.

During work, our productivity is almost never consistent. There will be days when we're so interested in what we're doing and utterly determined to get it done. But then there are days when we can't even write out a simple email, because we're either tired or bored out of our minds and can't fine the motivation to do anything. You can certainly say our productivity is always changing depending on the day as well as the work we're assigned. And, come on, we all know it's like the biggest challenge to be productive at work on a Friday.

But if it's Tuesday and you can't muster up the motivation and get productive at work, then you should consider meditating. Meditating isn't just for yoga at home, but you can do it literally anywhere at any time. In fact, it's highly suggested to meditate at work, because it comes with a ton of benefits that can positivity effect your performance at work and overall well-being! Wouldn't you want to work harder and better at work than before? Then this is how to increase productivity by meditating at work right now.

It enhances your creativity.

Meditating certainly enhances your creativity in an instant! Creativity plays an important role in almost any job, because this characteristic helps you come up with brilliant ideas and plans that can help your work. And we all need a little bit of creativity in our lives, as well, so the world isn't in just black and white.

And a great form of meditating is having an essential oil diffuser. Oil diffusers are designed to extract delicious scents into the atmosphere and even calm your nerves. The majority of the essential oils can help calm anyone down and it overall makes the whole room smell amazing. An awesome essential oil diffuser is the White Stone Essential Oil Diffuser by Virtuvi that works perfectly at extracting your favorite essential oil into your surroundings. When you're breathing in the smell, this can immediately calm you down and allow your brain to enhance your creativity!

Meditating improves your concentration.

You can't tell me that you're always fully concentrated at work, because that's nearly impossible. There will be times when we just can't seem to focus on a simple task, because it's a tough one or... it's Friday. The majority of our time at work, we need our full attention on what we're doing in order to give it our best performance as well as fully accomplish it.

Meditating can certainly improve your concentration and this is how to increase productivity by meditating at work. If you tend to doze off every now and then, this can impact your work. Instead, try meditating to put your head back into work. Losing concentration is seriously the last thing you want to go through, and your boss would think so, too.

You become less distracted.

Other than improving concentration, from how to increase productivity by meditating at work, you can become less distracted, as well. It's way... way too easy to be distracted from work. Either your coworkers are trying to have ridiculous conversations with you, there's a lot of noise happening somewhere in the office, or whatever someone is eating is distracting as hell, there will always be something going on in the office that will hold you back from completing your tasks.

However, meditating and focusing on just yourself and your work can cause you to become less distracted. When you're mediating, you're only putting your mind on yourself and not your surroundings. So next time you're trying to ignore a conversation your coworkers are starting up, meditate to keep their voices out of your head!

You gain more energy.

Without a doubt you're gaining more energy while meditating at work. You're not the only one who's trying to regain their energy back with their fourth cup of coffee. We all struggle to wake up in the morning and even keep our eyes open when 2 PM hits. Long days in the office can soon affect us and eventually drain us from working. Especially when we've been working on a tough assignment.

Since meditating is a form of relaxing, this boosts the energy in us. We're stepping away from our work for a short time to collect ourselves and rest our minds for a few minutes. And what better way to really feel in the zone than sitting on a meditation cushion? Gaiam Zabuton's meditation cushion is top quality and it's super soft to meditate on. You can rest on this cushion for a few minutes to clear your mind and regain the energy that was drained out of you from completing a task.

It can improve your memory, too.

If you're like me, our memories are the absolute worst. We sometimes can't remember what we had for breakfast, what assignment we were supposed to hand in, or worse... where we parked our car. Since we were taught the many things that we know to complete tasks, we have to constantly know and understand them. We can't sit there and totally forget how to do something that your boss explained to you for the tenth time.

So when you're meditating, this allows you to dig deep into your mind and improve your memory. On how to increase productivity by meditating at work, shutting your eyes and keeping them closed can give you the opportunity to explore your mind and remember anything that you need to recall. Rather than bugging your boss about how to do something for the 20th time, meditate to help you remember.

Meditating can help your physical and mental well-being.

Since we're working literally the majority time of our lives, this can impact not just your physical, but your mental well-being, too. Some of us are glued to the computer screen focusing on work and barely eating, because we're so busy trying to get work done. And this can really effect ourselves as a whole.

While people, in general, meditate to clear their minds and relax their bodies, you can simply do this at work, too. There are times when our jobs can take over our lives and ourselves, and we need the time to push all of that away and focus on just us—nothing else. Meditating can give you the opportunity to clear up your mind and calm your body down. And don't look past this, because our physical and mental health are so important.

It's the best way to relieve stress.

Oh yes, the stress is very real at work. When you're getting a ton of work piling up because it's busy season or your boss decided to just give you extra work, this can increase your stress and even make you panic just a bit. Or a lot if the deadline is coming close. And while people always tell you to never stress, we simply can't help it, because it comes naturally to us and it's so difficult to avoid it.

There are actually tons of ways to relieve the stress that you're going through, and meditating is one of the bigger ones. Through meditating, there are tactics and strategies that can definitely decrease the stress that's being built up in your body. But where can you find these meditating methods to clear up your stress? This app can help you guide the way—Headspace: Meditation. Headspace is among the really popular meditating apps out right now that gives you a wide variety of ways and methods to help you get rid of your stress at anytime and anywhere, especially at work where stress tends to built up the most.

It boosts motivation.

Motivation on a Friday? In what world?! The fact that we know it's a Friday and the weekend is here can immediately take away all of your motivation and productivity at work. Sometimes, we'll even be lucky if we get two tasks down throughout the work day. But even though it's Friday, there are still assignments that need to be done, and we need the motivation to help us out. 

For a minute, forget about the fact that it's Friday and meditate. Meditating can put your head back into work and guide you to complete anything that needs to get done that day. From how to increase productivity by meditating at work, it can clear up your mind and put your full focus on your tasks. And when your mind is centered on just your assignments, this will give you the motivation to get everything done!

Meditating can improve your communication with coworkers and clients.

From how to increase productivity by meditating at work, it can improve your communication with coworkers and clients. There are times when we can really be rattled up at work, because our assignments are impacting us, we're lacking energy, we're completely stressed out, or anything else that can take away your communication skills at work. Especially when you're talking to clients, you need to be and feel confident, because you want to be professional.

Since there's probably a lot going through your mind, this can take away your communication skills and cause you to lack the use of the right words. Instead, try meditating before handling a client. This way, when you're meditating, you're clearing up your thoughts and bringing the energy back into your body. We need to be very composed and put together whenever we're talking to a client, and meditating is certainly the key to helping you out. 

It increases the blood circulation in your brain.

Lastly, from how to increase productivity by meditating at work, is that meditation can increase blood circulation in your brain. Our brains tend to be fried after a really tough assignment and we overall feel drained and ready to head home... but it's only 3 PM. And when coffee doesn't help, we feel like we're on the edge of losing our mind, because our brains aren't properly getting back into gear. 

However, meditating can increase blood circulation in your brain, and this can bring back your energy. When blood is being circulation in our brains, this improves literally everything. From our concentration, to motivation, creativity, stress relief, and everything else, the best way to do this is by using a headband! But not just any ordinary headband, the headband by Muse. It's designed as a brain sensing headband that makes meditating a much easier and better experience. And this headband can actually provide you with real-time audio feedback on what's happening to your brain while meditating!

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