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How to Get More Instagram Followers

For Your Company Account

With more than 400 million active users, Instagram has become a great place for companies to advertise. However, Instagram is often seen as one of the hardest places to gain followers for some companies in certain industries. So, how can you increase your following?

Use the right hashtags.

Hashtagging your photos is a great way to allow people to find your account when searching a particular tag. Make sure you are using relevant and engaging hashtags that will help draw in your target audience and those that are interested in your line of work.

Post at the right time.

To ensure your picture is seen and interacted with by as many people as possible, you should do some research into when the best time to post is. Using sites like IconoSquare, you can easily have your posts analysed to help you find out what time of the day is getting the best results for you, and you should then aim to post more around then. You can also do your own research by posting similar pictures at different times of the day and seeing which ones do better.

Use the right filters.

The type of filters and effects that you use can have an impact on how well your photos do. As it effects the way that your photo looks, it can determine how many people will like and enjoy your photo. TrackMaven recently did a study on Instagram accounts to see how filters affected engagement and found that Mayfair, no filter, and Inkwell drove the most interaction. Using photos that are highly edited or filtered can have damaging effects for a company as it can be seen as deceiving to alter your images so much. Try using subtle filters that make your photos look more professional.

Get following.

A great and easy way to get more followers is to follow more people yourself. Following accounts that you think may be interested in your business allows them to see your name pop up and give you more of a chance to be followed back by them. Look at your competitor’s followers and go through and follow them as it is likely that they will do so in return as you know they already have an interest in a company similar to yours.

Paid Advertising

Instagram allows you to promote your posts and page for a fee that can be decided by yourself, but the more you spend, the more people it will reach. It allows you to choose the type of demographic that you would like your promoted post or page to be shown to, which comes in handy when your company has a particular target audience.

Influencer Marketing

Another way to gain more followers on Instagram is through using influencer marketing. The most popular influencer marketing on Instagram is through sponsorships where you send them your products or bring them in to use your services and get them to post about it in a positive way. Some companies will gift a product or service to an influencer in hopes that they will like it and post it without them paying for that post, which makes it a lot cheaper for the company. Another way of using influencer marketing on Instagram is through doing a social media takeover, getting them to post on your account, and tell their followers that they are doing this, bringing a lot of their followers to your page and making them aware of your brand. It can also increase your interaction and engagement, as successful takeovers offer exclusive content that your audience will love to engage with.

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How to Get More Instagram Followers
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