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How to Gain Work Experience

What can you do to get the experience?

These days, many people, mostly young adults, struggle to get a job because they do not have any work experience. A lot of them question how they can even get experience without a job. How can they get a job without experience? The answer to that is simple. Volunteer. You don't HAVE to get a job to gain work experience. Volunteer in your community or find a workplace that offers internships. Is your school holding a haunted house or a little Halloween event for kids? Sign up! This can teach you organizational skills or even skills to work with customers. Look to see if your school has any programs that help students get internships with stores in your area. I have gone through many outside and inside school activities that have taught me some skills I could use in the work place. If your schools don’t have any programs, see if your community has any programs that can help. Join clubs that deal with helping the community or schools. 

I have seen and heard many young adults complain about how hard it is to get experience to get a job. It really is all right in front of you. You just need to look hard enough to find what you are looking for. Personally, I think school clubs are a great way to earn experience. There are so many different types of clubs out there and they teach you so many different things. There are different roles in a club and they each teach something. If you are the president of the club you will learn how to be a leader. The same applies for vice-president. Being secretary teaches you how to do what you know should be done without having to be told. Treasurers handle the money for the club. The most important thing out of all these roles is that, one way or another, you will have to deal with customers. Let’s say your club is doing Christmas grams for your school. You’re going to have to make something that is appealing for other students. You can’t make it what you would think is appealing. You’re going to have to make it where multiple people think it is appealing. When you are dealing with students, you need to be fair and honest, just like in a real job. This is how you can get your work experience. You did the work, you dealt with customers, and you know what it is like to have a boss and deal with co-workers. It may not have been a real paying job, but you did get the feel of a work environment.

Another tip is to not be afraid to get a job working for fast food or being a bagger for your local store. You will eventually work your way up the chain and have a job that best fits your financial needs. A lot of young adults are embarrassed to work such jobs but, in the end, that job experience will get you to a better job because you have the work experience. I was afraid to work at my local state fair because I thought it was only for those who desperately needed a job. After working at the fair, I realized many people do it for extra cash for their family. Some even did it to have Christmas spending money to buy gifts for their friends and family. Many of my coworkers from the fair had other jobs or just did it to keep busy and get away from home. As a customer, you think their job isn’t that bad—that all they do is stand there, make food, and hand it out—but there is so much more to it. Don’t judge a workplace just because of what you see on the outside. Every job has hard working people who are just trying to make it in life. 

So, once again, get out there! Go volunteer and look for internships. Stay motivated and focused! 

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How to Gain Work Experience
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