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How to Gain More Followers on Your Company Twitter

With 330 million active users monthly, Twitter is a great place for companies to advertise their business.

With 330 million active users monthly, Twitter is a great place for companies to advertise their business. By gaining followers, you increase your brand awareness and the number of customers you have. So, how can you up your Twitter following?

Ensure your page is up to scratch.

Make sure your company Twitter profile page looks good, with a high-quality photo of your logo, a good banner photo, and a well written and engaging description. Ensuring all this is done will increase your chances of users following your account, as they can see that you are a good company and will help your business appear more trustworthy. Not having a photo can actually decrease the chance of you gaining followers dramatically.

Post regularly.

Posting regularly on your social media can be beneficial for many reasons. It will increase your brand awareness and following and ultimately create more leads and customers in the long run. Posting regularly shows users you are active and in business and gives them a reason to follow you, as they will be getting that consistent content. Use a third-party scheduler to make sure a constant flow of content is going up on your account, even when you aren’t at work.

Post engaging content.

Having unique and engaging content that stands out can also help get you noticed and allow people to understand what your business character is and what you stand for. It also gives people an incentive to follow you as they will be seeing interesting new content on their newsfeed from you, instead of boring spam and copied content. Posting this type of content will also give you more of a chance that it will go viral or be shared a lot more, helping more people find out about your company and increase your following.

Follow like-minded companies and potential customers.

Following like-minded companies and people that you think would be interested in your business is a great way to get these people to notice you and perhaps follow you back. Often people will look into what their favourite accounts are following and who is following them to find new people, so this is a good way to help increase your following.

Retweet and like others stuff.

As well as posting your own content, it is good to like and retweet other people’s content, as it shows that you are interested in your followers and in particular content that is related to your business. Making sure you do this with local companies and people is also a great way to get noticed in your community as more people are likely to come across your company and see you’re supporting businesses and people in the area.

@ them in.

Linking companies and people into your tweets is another good way to get noticed more. If you link another company into your tweet that you think they may be interested in or is related to them, they are likely to like or retweet it themselves, allowing all their followers to see it and maybe decide to follow you.

Influencer Marketing

Many companies are already using Influencer Marketing to increase their brand awareness and generate more leads on their Twitter accounts. Influencers have a large audience, having a following of usually hundreds of thousands to millions. This makes them a great way to increase your following on Twitter and help more people become aware of your brand.

More Video

Video marketing is very successful for many businesses as it is very sharable content and will help your tweets reach a larger audience, in turn gaining you more followers. Make sure your videos are interesting and engaging to help it be shared by many. Funny and emotional videos are often the types of videos that get the shared the most, so try to make videos like this to help more people see them.

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How to Gain More Followers on Your Company Twitter
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