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How to Earn a Million

And Keep It!

You are working that nine to five job somewhere mediocre, putting hours into making someone else rich. All you are rewarded with is just about enough money to keep the lights on and food on the table. Your boss, however, he is taking expensive holidays, dining out five days a week, showing off the latest phone, and driving around in his flashy car.

I don’t blame you for resenting him. The harder you work, the richer he gets, and you get to take home the same weekly pay cheque regardless of the work you put in. Does that seem fair to you? Are you satisfied with living this way for the rest of your life?

If you find you have a hunger for something more than just your average weekly pay cheques, if, when you check your bank account, you want to see more than a few digits. If you want to see all six of those digits, then here are the answers I have:

1. Favours, Favours and More Favours

Nothing should ever be too much hassle for you. It seems like a strange place to start, but doing favours means that people start owing you favours. This is important. You aren’t a millionaire yet, and every bit of help you can get is vital. If a friend needs a favour, take advantage of the opportunity and think about what you can learn in the process.

2. Don’t focus on money.

Rich people focus on business. They stay solvent, but above and beyond that, they aren’t counting every penny that goes in and out of their accounts. Do good business and you won’t have anything to worry about.

3. One Idea

Work on one idea; one way to make money. Focus all of your energy, all of that thirst that you have, on this idea. Make it brilliant.

4. Don’t be biased.

You will love your idea because it’s your idea. Find the flaws and fix them. Research every element of your business before you put money into it, make yourself an expert in the area that you will be working. This is your business and you should know all of the ins and outs.

5. Look at your competitors.

What are they doing well? What are they doing badly? How can you do it better? This is extremely important. You need to put yourself ahead of your competitors in the eyes of your customers/clients. You want them to have a reason to choose you over anyone else.

6. Build a business you love.

Let’s be honest right now. The millionaires I know spend almost all of their time at work. Short of winning the lottery, there is no easy way to make money, and building an empire takes time. You have to work the hardest you have ever worked in your entire life. At the beginning, there will be no long weekends away, no expensive dinners, and no over-the-top spending. Work hard enough, though, and this will come later.

7. People are important.

Treat every customer/client like royalty. Business isn’t just about money; people are important too. Every negative review loses you business. You aren’t going to make a million if you don’t have a good reputation, and word of mouth sells better than any advertisement you could buy. Make your customers so happy, they have to tell their friends about you.

It won’t be easy. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Keep going, though. Don’t give up on what you want, even on those days where you don’t have any motivation. Work hard enough and you will eventually start seeing the results.

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How to Earn a Million
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