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How to Deal with a Creative Block

A Struggle All Creative People Know

My own handiwork. I'm a genius. Or something...

Right now, I'm at the end of another creative block. I'm an amateur photographer and when I'm in the creative zone, I can take dozens of photos a day and the very least, feel satisfied with them, but when you're stuck in a creative block, it is difficult, you go through the motions, just crafting and curating your art for the sake of doing so. And it's immensely frustrating whether it is your profession or you're like me, and it's something you enjoy.

Anyway, during the peak of my most recent creative block, I wrote a list of things to do whilst stuck and I have selected the top four* from that lengthy list.

Be experimental.

Look at your previous work, maybe try a new filter, add some extra colour, if you use an app or software, play with some of the options you have, or even find an alternative or two. You never know, you may find something you like for future projects. Just save a copy, make sure you're not in a situation where the original is ruined. It's a mistake I've made a few times in the past.

Try a new craft.

The photo accompanying this article is my own handiwork. I volunteer at a craft centre and on this day, my main task was making Christmas decorations, and that was challenging considering my Scrooge-like demeanour towards all things Christmas, I actually enjoyed it, but that's our little secret! My blood, sweat, and tears went into making those decorations and I have the scars to prove it, quite literally! I burnt myself with a glue gun just to make them. Whilst I wouldn't recommend you burning yourself, I'd definitely recommend trying something different, you don't need to be amazing or talented at it, just try it out, give it a go! If nothing else, you'll pass down an hour or two!


Networking is good at the best of times, but when in a creative block, it's especially beneficial. Send an email, a social media message, attend an event. Talk to a fellow creative or two, a person or a group who share your passions, share your field, find out what inspirations they have, the equipment they use, pick up a tip or two, or you can just talk about sports or the weather if you wish. But if you get to know them, maybe it can lead to something good further down the line, or if not, at least you've made a new friend or acquaintance.

Keep going and believe in yourself.

I would say this is the most important thing, keep doing your thing. Creative blocks are temporary, if you carry on, eventually something will have to give, and you'll be free from the creative block that is hindering you. Try, try, try, and try again, creativity is often in bursts and when it's working, it works well! At least that's been my experience.

*In case you were wondering, the majority of the list apart from the listed points was filler, books to read, phone numbers, addresses, tactics to use on football manager, lamenting Liz Phair selling out all those years ago and a bunch of other mundane and random stuff. I have a low attention span and tend to go off on tangents. Don't judge, Kurt Cobain wrote lists all the time!

Anyway, good luck and if you're in a creative block right now, or fear one, this will help you! If you have any further suggestions or feedback, visit my author page and drop me a line via the social media links listed.

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How to Deal with a Creative Block
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