How To Cope When You Hate Your Boss

Dealing with a boss you can't stand is difficult but it can be done.

The worst boss I ever had was a racist, homophobic septuagenarian ballet teacher. She said so many things about black people and gay people that I would never even consider repeating them under any circumstances. And as much as I would have loved to tell her to stick her job where the stage lights don't shine, I had bills to pay. Principles are a wonderful thing, but when you have financial obligations, they have to take a back seat; you have to swallow your pride and just deal with a boss you hate.,

"I Need My Job"

I know it would be lovely to walk out of the door of the office and never look back, but if you do that, you will probably have to walk out of the door of your home, too. You need this money to pay bills, at least until you find another job. Keep reminding yourself of this fact. It won't make life any easier, but it will stop you from doing anything rash.


Find someone to rant to, it doesn't matter who as long as they don't work there and are prepared to listen. Avoid people that work there because you never know, the person you are ranting to could be a potential backstabber. Ranting online is a good, anonymous way to get all of your feelings and frustrations out without suffering any consequences.

Remember How Stupid They Are

With the racist, homophobic ballet teacher, I quickly realized how incredibly stupid she was. Her attitudes and beliefs meant that she was a moron. This made me feel better because she might have been my boss, but she was as thick as pig crap.

Look For A New Job

Looking for a new job on the down low will make you feel a bit better, but do this at home because if you get found out you could face some serious consequences. Some people will say that you are being a quitter, but those people don't have to deal with your boss, do they?

You're Not Alone

Very few people actually like their boss, and whilst this fact might not help you in any way, it might give you a little bit of comfort knowing that you are not the only one who feels this way.

They Won't Change

You won't change them so don't bother trying, it will be a massive waste of your time and energy. You just have to accept that it's who they are as a person and deal with it rather than trying to change it.

Be Realistic

If your boss is genuinely too much to bear then you need to consider looking for a new job. Your health is more important than anything and if it is causing you genuine stress to the point where you dread going to work, then you need to do something about it before the problems becomes more serious.

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How To Cope When You Hate Your Boss
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