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How One Ad Agency Made HelloFresh A Household Name

HelloFresh wasn’t that well-known back in the day. It only took the work of a single ad agency to change that.

Some companies just magically rise to fame overnight, don’t they? In the case of HelloFresh, it certainly seems so to buyers. This company went from being known only as an affordable alternative to Blue Apron to becoming the most popular meal kit subscription service in America. Recently, the company went so far as to open up branches in Europe and Australia.

HelloFresh’s ability to grow can be traced back to a single decision: hiring an ad agency by the name of Pure Growth to change their marketing work around for the better. Entrepreneurs are often curious how a single ad agency was able to turn a company into a major phenomenon. The truth is, it all had to do with their approach. 

Pure Growth isn’t like other ad agencies.

The big difference between Pure Growth and other ad agencies is the way they make their marketing campaigns—and to a point, it makes sense.

Pure Growth was started by visionary Chris Clarke. Clarke made his name in the advertising world by being one of the first marketers to turn to the internet for advertising campaigns. His use of guerilla marketing and high-end branding helped bring rapid growth to major companies during the 90s. His last agency was sold for billions to Publicis.

This agency is his most recent project, and like last time, Clarke has decided to bring a new paradigm into the world of marketing and advertising. This time around, his agency will be spearheading the new rise of data-led campaigns. 

When Pure Growth first took a look at HelloFresh, it became clear that a lot of work needed to be done.

Directing on the HelloFresh set

HelloFresh was in need of a more consistent brand message, and also had a difficult time discerning which ad campaigns were the most effective. Pure Growth took a look at past advertising efforts, examined HelloFresh’s internet traffic, and also used focus groups paired with EEG machines to determine what potential clients thought of the brand and its advertising efforts. 

What they uncovered was pretty striking.

Pure Growth uncovered that most people only saw HelloFresh as a Blue Apron alternative, and that many didn’t see the company as standing for anything on its own. This issue was a serious pain point that was hindering HelloFresh’s growth.

Moreover, the team also uncovered that HelloFresh’s overall branding was not as unified as it could be. By creating a more uniform brand and company aesthetic, they would be able to become more memorable as a company. So, they gave HelloFresh a brand revamp. 

Using the data that they had, they decided to turn HelloFresh into a more emotion-based brand.

The creative team at Pure Growth realized that the best way to market HelloFresh wasn’t to talk about the convenience it offered buyers. Rather, they should emphasize the family bonding time that happens when people cook meals together.

To appeal to their audience, Pure Growth created a series of commercials showing authentic HelloFresh customers enjoying their meals, discussing the magic of cooking with family, and how HelloFresh moments positively affect their lives. This was a creative way to turn HelloFresh into a brand that was different from Blue Apron. 

Pure Growth then used EEG machines and neurolinguistics to determine which commercials would work best with HelloFresh’s target demographic.

Once the creative team was finished creating rough drafts of the commercials, they needed to figure out how to optimize them. The team used EEG and neurolinguistic testing to determine everything from the best voiceover to the right offer for each commercial. Over 100 different commercials were created and tested before the right ones were selected.

After the ads were vetted and tweaked, they were sent out into the world at targeted groups. The team then expanded the marketing campaign with offers and advertisements that were optimized to encourage people to buy from HelloFresh or make the switch from other meal kit companies. 

Once the commercials went live, testing didn’t cease.

Pure Growth’s entire philosophy focuses on using data to optimize results, and the more data they obtain, the better the results are. Once the commercials were live, Pure Growth tested various media outlets to determine which commercials resulted in the best conversion rates.

Using their partnership with IBM’s Watson AI, the team was able to process data at a breakneck speed. This led them to be able to optimize ads on a daily basis, and switch things up as the need arose. The ever-evolving ad campaign gave HelloFresh results that simply aren’t attainable by other means. 

The results were amazing.

You don’t need to have large swaths of data at your hands to see the effect Pure Growth had on HelloFresh. Only two years ago, the company had a third of the business that Blue Apron held. 

In a single year, the campaign helped take HelloFresh from an indie brand to number one in their industry— 890,000 customers and revenues to $635 million. HelloFresh now is working on international expansion thanks to the revenue boost.

The moral of the story is simple: there’s a new revolution going on in marketing involving heavy data, extreme testing, and more creativity than ever before. It’s a serious investment for companies to make! Thankfully, the return on investment on quality advertising has never been higher. 

Learn more at the Pure Growth site.

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How One Ad Agency Made HelloFresh A Household Name
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