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How I Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

A List of Side Hustles and Businesses, Some Free, Some Not

How is it possible for anyone to work from home? When I was in my early 20s, I first discovered that some people actually do it. What I lacked was experience, knowledge, and a good mentor to teach me HOW. There are so many people out there who just focus on recruiting that they ignore all the little people. WELL, what they seem to forget is most people who are recruiting earn a commission on their down line too! When you have a healthy down line there is not a constant need to recruit. I know you are probably thinking "UGH another one of those!" No, just hear (read) me out. 

I do not just do one thing. I think that is what gets people. They want one side hustle and that's it. I would say the majority of successful work at home adults have multiple streams of income coming in. 

I have found an amazing direct sales business to grow with. It is called Color Street. It has a consumable product that allows you to have customer retention. The majority of women paint their nails. Why not make money off of it? It is so different from other companies in that it is 100 percent real nail polish strips. My main selling point? You can apply them with NO TOOLS. They are not plastic or vinyl. Ladies love this. You can see this opportunity here: Color Street.

Now, I KNOW!!! Everyone wants something that is NOT sales. These next few websites are GPT (Get Paid To). They get a bad rep and I firmly believe it's because those people do not know how to accurately use the site and learn how to EARN. They want quick and easy. There is no such thing. 

My first one is Vindale Research. I highly recommend signing up under someone that cares. You are going to have questions. You make REAL money on here, but not if you do not know how. You do need to keep in mind that you will not qualify for every survey. It can get irritating at times, but if you seem to not be qualifying at all for several in a row, log out. Close the window and come back in an hour. You can also make money off referrals but it is not residual. You get a one time $5 credit AFTER your referral has completed their first survey that is over $1, not including the initial profile surveys. Many surveys are at the $1 range.  (Vindale Research)

Another survey website. This is my favorite ever. It is by far easier than others I have done. Inbox Dollars has been the site I have made the most money on, partly because I dedicate more time to it. It has more available surveys than Vindale and updates more often. I have noticed the more you participate in them, the more you qualify and the more you can choose from. The highest paid one I have seen on here is $5, but mostly they are around $0.50-0.75. There are also offers you can complete but you need to be careful. There are ones that are 100 percent free but others aren't. While the payout might be tempting if you are low on funds it's best to not do them.  This one also pays you for referrals but it only pays if they earn. You can earn 10 percent of their income. This week I have earned over $50 so, if I had a sponsor, they would have made an extra $5 for nothing on their part. (Inbox Dollars)

Cashcrate is another really, really good one. The referral rate is by far the highest and this one has the most available surveys out of the others put together. There are usually three pages of surveys every day. The highest I have seen is $8 and the lowest is $0.25 but like I said, there are A LOT. Referral rate is high! You get 20 percent of your direct referral earnings. This does not come out of your pay either. You also get a $3 bonus when they reach $10 in earnings. AND you can also earn even more if you want to focus on recruiting. I have never recruited before now, so I am not currently making any income from that aspect. (Cash Crate)

ONE LAST survey site. This one is not by any means a solid stream but it's easy and short surveys and I just let it build. Every few months I will have a few bucks to fill up my tank. I will post a real photo of my PayPal account below of the last two times I cashed out. Before this I waited until around the $50 mark to get paid but these times I was incredibly short on funds and needed the few bucks. This one is an app so you need to download it. I use Android and I am unsure if it is available anywhere else. The app is set up weird and I cannot share the link unless I have your # or email. I do not believe you can earn from referrals on this one. It is called On Go Surveys. The app is a green logo that says ONGO in the square. 

And, like many on here, I use Vocal. So far, it has not provided me with a significant means of income but it has potential. 

I do want to tell you some tips and tricks as far as working from home goes. 

Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose things you truly like. Do I like surveys? No, but it works so I dedicate my time. 
  2. Be consistent. This is HUGE. Especially if you choose to run a business. People like reliable folks. It pays to be consistent and reliable. Follow through on posts. Keep them current. It draws attention. A lot of times your first 5-10 posts go unnoticed. But, with consistency, those seeing them will say, "Okay, what is this? I've seen it a million times now." It spikes interest.  
  3. Do your research. People are going to want facts. Know before you say anything. 
  4. For surveys, I highly recommend doing them from a computer. There are more available to those that are on PC vs those using a mobile browser. 
  5. You do not need a large social circle to sell things. Leave business cards, referral notes, and flyers on billboards or marketplaces. It will pay off. 

And lastly, do not quit easily. Chances are you will not be successful on day #1. It takes time. 

If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected] since Vocal does not have a way to comment on this post as far as I am aware. If this was at all helpful to you and you are feeling extra grateful, please leave me a tip! If you send me an email that you left a time I will enter you into my monthly drawing for a free set of nail color strips.   

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How I Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom
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