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How I Became a Freelance Blogger

My journey of freelance writing and blogging over the past year.

Okay, so here's what people always ask me - How much do you get paid? If you're a freelancer, whether you're a writer, web designer, or social media manager, you know there's no direct answer to this. And that's true - there's no direct answer I can give people concerning my pay. I know how much I make PER ARTICLE - but not really on a monthly basis. 

To start off, I began my career in freelance writing because it was what I loved to do. At first, my title was simply "Article Writer" then it changed to "Freelance Writer," and finally "Unbound Blogger." My website is now Because, in all honesty, this is who I am. I am a blogger with no boundaries - whether a client wants me to write a health article, or a lifestyle blog post, or even a product review, I can do it. 

To be frank, I didn't see myself making a steady income by freelance writing. I just did it as a side-job on Upwork (a great platform to find writing jobs, by the way). But, within a month - I was successfully running my own business, having jobs left and right, and just doing what I love to do. So, the ultimate reason I am now a successful freelance blogger and writer is due to my leap of faith. And pay? Well, it was never really about the money. I'm sure any successful entrepreneur will tell you that cliché - but it really was never about the pay. I started out making $20 per article, with $53 in my bank account - as extra pay. I never knew it would boom exponentially from that point.

One of the reasons I love blogging is because it gives readers a chance to hear my voice. When they stumble across my website and posts, they hear my voice - my tone and my personality. Blogging allows for personalities to shine out and distinguishing to take place. Is it for everyone? Maybe not. But it was for me! Simply because I love writing. And I'm on social media 24/7 either sharing posts, reading posts, or enjoying the world wide web of blogging. 

I don't blog everyday - but I try to do it 5 times weekly. Why? Because my readers and audience needs to know that I exist. That I'm still breathing. When I go to someone's blog or website and see that it hasn't been updated since last year, I'm not digging any further. My readers, or even clients who are simply checking out my writing style, need to know that my blog is updated and still running. 

I first started out, as I mentioned, an 'Article Writer.' My first jobs (low-paying) were researching and writing about retirement, a diet plan, how to grind coffee, and other dull topics. I had no interested in diet plans or retirement. But, I did it anyway - I was starting off. I always get jobs that give me a run for my money, but I've learned to push away from the whole 'article writing' thing. Blogging has allowed me to write on topics I'm interested in. Moreover, for clients who've asked for blog posts, I haven't got anything that's really dull or boring. I've got a variety of niches, from health to travel to leisure, because that's what people want. People know that blogs need to be relatable.

And one more reason I consider myself a successful freelance blogger? Because I have the time. I'm not hauled with parenting, paying bills or another stressful situations normal people might be faced with. As a college student, of course I have bills to pay up - but it's not overwhelming at this point. So, I have the time to blog - even make posts everyday if I wanted to. In the end, there are so many things that allow me to run a great blogging career - and from here, it's a roller coaster all the way up. 

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How I Became a Freelance Blogger
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