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How & Where to Get Inspiration Working from Home

Working from home can be extremely stressful and lonely at times but it can also be very rewarding — often you are your own boss, you can set your own hours and manage your workload well.

Staying inspired and motivated to keep working is so important when it comes to working from home — but how exactly can we keep that inspiration and motivation well full? It can be a struggle but there are a variety of ways as to how we can keep inspired.

Make sure you have an inspiring work space.

When working from home, you need somewhere to be creative, to get your work done. Whether you sit at a desk in your own home office or you do everything from the sofa with your laptop on your knees, you need an inspiring work space to keep you motivated. Whether you choose to decorate a room or simply have some items close to hand if working from the sofa, an inspiring work space is vital for getting the maximum potential out of yourself.

Don’t forget to still socialize with others.

As mentioned previously, working from home can become quite lonely if it is only you in the household day in, day out. Make sure to make time to socialize — whether you choose to work elsewhere for the day (perhaps visiting your local coffee shop or hiring out a local communal office space for a few days). Maybe even chat with local singles and make arrangements to meet with them — spending time with others every once and while is great for getting the inspiration and the motivation to flow.

Set a routine.

The best place to find inspiration is by keeping to a routine — waking up at a set time, taking certain breaks, making sure you follow a set pattern before you sit down to work, during work, and after work. If your brain knows exactly what you are going to do, what the plan is, it makes it easier to sit down to work and stay motivated to do so throughout the day. If you usually work from the sofa with your laptop on your knees, don’t move to the bedroom, no matter how tempting it is — it breaks the routine and it also can make it extremely hard to relax and focus on the job in hand.

Setting a routine also helps if you work for a number of different clients or businesses. Setting up a schedule as part of your routine and keeping to that ensures each client gets an equal amount of time and you know exactly when you are going to be focusing on that client and their workload. Whether you choose to be inspired by a physical checklist of your routine or you can keep it in your head, it is important to set one, even if just for your own peace of mind.

Incentives All The Way

One of the biggest ways to motivate yourself when it comes to working from home is if you make sure to take care of yourself. We have already covered getting out and socializing with other people — whether that be by going to work at the coffee shop, going on a date, or simply meeting up with some friends. But there are other ways to take care of yourself when working from home and this is where rewards come in. They say that when you work from home, you can do whatever you want at whatever time you want and whilst this could possibly be true, those who stick to their routine know this not to be so. These people motivate and inspire themselves by rewarding themselves at specific times of the day or the week.

Taking a lunch break to grab something to eat and watch a quick episode of your favorite show is a great way to wind down when taking your allocated time away from your screen. Whilst it may sometimes be difficult to tear yourself away from the TV — especially if the episode is getting good — if you know you can be strict about getting back to work after taking a break, then incentivizing yourself with rewards is a great way to keep you motivated as you always have something to look forward to.

Go outside.

You can also take inspiration from the world around you. Struggling to find inspiration to put pen to paper, finger to key, pencil or paintbrush to the artwork? By simply going outside you are opening yourself up to a whole wide world full of color and intensity that can give you so many ideas from which you can draw from. By going outside, you are also getting out and socializing with the many people in your neighborhood who can provide chat and inspiration for you and your work.

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How & Where to Get Inspiration Working from Home
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