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Horrible Employees Rule the Workplace

Decent human beings are rare.

Let me tell you about a little story that in which I have found myself currently exploring. I have been working at a job with a school district for almost five years now. My goal in the next year is to finish school and get my teaching credential. My current boss is the kind that absolutely makes you dread coming into work. She is the type of boss that makes you actually wonder how you can go to work and make yourself throw up. She's horrible.

With all that said, it is a tolerable job. The kids that I work with are fun, and funny, and just your everyday typical kids. The hurdle that is annoyingly high is my coworker. She is going on eight or nine years there. She is the type of co-worker who will make accusations about everyone else because she had a bad day and completely refuses to take responsibility for her own actions and behavior.

This unruly coworker is the type of person who would time me getting to work every morning. YEAH! You read me right. She would put on a timer, and if I wasn't in the classroom at exactly 7:00 AM, she would text my boss. This was particularly annoying because she is the coworker who is perpetually running late and unprepared. She even once showed up a whole 45 minutes late, and still under the influence from the night before. Yup. I could not open the room because I do not have the key, and "she" had the nerve to show up at 7:15 AM, when she is supposed to open the room at 6:30 AM.

Upon her arrival, she strolled into the room where myself and the other staff were waiting for her with a few kids who were dropped off right at 7 AM. She strolled up, walking all nonchalantly and giggly, and then she realized that she left her key in her car. She laughed and strolled all the way back to her car as if nothing at all was wrong. Very annoying!

When myself and another coworker told our boss what had happened, all she had said was, "Next time you are going to be late, you should call me. Like, it's not that big a deal"... Right! Not that big a deal! Really! This girl smelled of alcohol and was 45 whole minutes late, and according to my boss, it wasn't a big deal.

This is what is wrong with most jobs. The job itself is not difficult. What makes most jobs difficult is that we, the employees, have to deal with this level of stupidity on a daily basis. The employees have to deal with seniority and the micromanagement from not only the boss (not that bad) but from other employees who think they are above the policy rules because they have been an employee for longer than you.

"People don't quit jobs, they quit bosses" - Unknown. This saying is so true on so many different levels. Just my one incident is an example as to how unfair things are and bosses don't do anything at all about it. There are many more incidents like this one, where I have felt unfairness, and have watched favoritism take place. The favoritism is not what bothers me the most. The thing that bothers me the most is that the employee who has the weakest work ethic is micromanaging me—one who likes to get things done with no drama, very straight to the point, and who all the kids love. Needless to say, I am currently on the search for a new job and I do not feel bad. I will miss three of my coworkers, but the boss and the other one, I will be so happy to never have to talk to them again or have to justify myself for being early, or having to use the restroom again!

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Horrible Employees Rule the Workplace
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