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Great Companies That Get Corporate Culture Right

There are companies that get corporate culture right, and companies that think they do. Here are the ones that understand it.

Corporate culture isn't just a buzzword, you know. Anyone who's worked at more than one job can tell you that different offices will have different cultures. Culture matters. 

In fact, the corporate culture you're a part of can make or break the company's future. It can change a company's trajectory for the better or worse, and there have been many cases in which a company with bad culture have died as a direct result of it. 

Finding that companies that get corporate culture right isn't easy, but it's pretty impressive when you finally see one. Check out these major names that credit their positive work environment for the success they have. 


If you have heard anything about SquareSpace, you already know they are wildly successful. Along with massive growth, they were recently named by Crain's as the best place to work in New York City. 

SquareSpace is one of the newest companies that get corporate culture right, and it's easy to see why that is the case. This company is known for having a very open line of communication between executives and regular workers, as well as being great when it comes to company perks. 

The CEO recently explained that having all 500 employees on the same page was the key to its success. They've become masterful at reviving signs of a toxic work culture the moment they see it happen. 


Most people have noticed that the classic childhood toy has been seeing a huge revival of popularity—and that might be because LEGO is one of the biggest companies that get corporate culture right. 

The CEO, Jorgen Vig Knudstrop, explained that his idea behind a winning company is one that focuses in on the wonder that they want to impart on kids. The end result is a highly imaginative workplace where people actively look forward to working. 

Growth culture at LEGO means that there are no rulebooks or company handbooks on what people can and cannot do. This gives employees the chance to have a lot more imagination and creativity in their day-to-day life, and shows the company's core values of fun and laughter.

Great Little Box Company

You might not have heard of this company, but the Great Little Box Company has long gotten a reputation for being one of the best companies to work for. Along with a very open line of communication, what makes the Great Little Box Company one of the few family-run businesses to make this list is the fact that they offer financial rewards for good suggestions. 

For example, one new employee made a suggestion that they could save money by placing a machine in a different location. That simple suggestion worked and earned the new staff member a cool $2,000 bonus. 


Online shoe retailer and e-commerce megalith Zappos is one of the more techy companies that get corporate culture right. However, working here isn't that easy for many people. CEO Tony Hsieh actually offers people $2,000 to quit their job in the first four weeks if they feel that the match isn't right for them. 

A lot of people would balk at that practice, but it's for good reason. Every new employee has to spend at least four weeks in the company's call center before they go to their regular work role. This is to both inspire humility and understand the way the company works directly with customers. 

Working a call center is not fun. That's why he uses this technique. It weeds out people who are just looking for a paycheck. Corporate secrets like this one might shock some, but if you want to get a passionate culture, that's how you do it. 


If there's one sign of a really terrible boss, it's micromanaging. That kind of super-distrusting behavior would make great employees quit in a heartbeat, and often is a sign that a company will end up going under.

Dropbox doesn't do that. Like, at all. 

Known for operating under the idea of "You're smart, you figure it out," this company is one of the most "hands-off" cultures in the tech space. This company isn't one that looks for drones who can't think on their own. 

Risky? Absolutely, but it paid off, considering that their company has become one of the biggest in Silicon Valley, so it's safe to say that Dropbox is one of the top tech companies that get corporate culture right. 


This Norweigian company is one of the newest advertising companies that get corporate culture right. Everything this company does is based on respect, openness with company employees, and putting the team first in its decisions. 

They run by a phrase called MER, or "moro, enere, respekt." These three Norweigian words mean "fun, exceeding your own personal expectations, and respect." By using this as their guideline on how to function, Meltwater employees created a culture that stands out in their industry. 


In a world where companies often take advantage of top talent, SolarCity is one of the best companies that get corporate culture right on an ethical level. Along with being a solar power company, this business shows its ethical prowess by offering fair wages, giving jobs to both students and veterans, and unifying their team by getting people passionate about battling climate change. 

Business experts have noted that SolarCity is one of the most unified companies in its industry. Considering that they hire people who show serious passion and work so hard to maintain a good company culture, it's easy to see why. 


Moz has been a major player in the tech field, and remains one of the most regularly-cited companies that get corporate culture right. Most company CEOs, though, wouldn't date try to replicate what Moz has done as far as company culture. 

CEO Rand Fishkin boldly uses radical transparency as an example for his staff members. Everything from his marriage proposal to his failure to get a multimillion-dollar VC deal can be found on his blog—and believe it or not, it's really inspirational. 

His staff members practice this same amount of radical transparency too, and that's what has driven Moz to major success and respect among everyone in the tech space. 


Birchbox is one of the biggest names in monthly subscription services in the world, and it's easy to see why. This company was founded by two women who revolutionized the way that companies market themselves to new users. 

Their secret to success? Keeping things sunny, optimistic, and fun for all employees—and hiring the hopelessly optimistic. Co-founder Katia Beauchamp has openly admitted that she won't hire anyone who called a workplace "not fun" because it's a person's decision to make their lives fun. 

If you don't have a smile on your face, you won't be a good fit here. Even so, Birchbox has some pretty great places to work on its roster. We're convinced it's a good movie. 


You'd never guess it, but Costco is one of the top companies that get corporate culture right. This company is heavily focused on the welfare of all employees, and even took this culture ideal to Congress. 

Their secret to success has been offering a living wage with health benefits to all employees. Considering that they have been the second largest retailer in America, it's safe to say that their culture definitely pays off. 

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