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From Sinking, to Soaring

One Woman's Journey from the Valley to Mountain Tops

Photo by Justin Clark on Unsplash

Where shall I, begin...I guess we'll start with the valley, I call, "the valley of lack," which started, roughly in the year of 2004. Shortly after I decided to quit my 12-year marriage and 13-year career. I found myself in the valley of lack. Newly single and just starting to grow my mobile spa service, I was not prepared for the years ahead. I focused on raising my four children, while trying to build a successful, mobile spa service. Living off of my 401K plan and the handful of clients that I had acquired before I left my job, it soon became apparent that my business was not, going to be as successful, as I had hoped for and soon found myself facing homelessness, with my four children, as I couldn't keep up with my mortage payments. I went through a bout with depression that left me feeling suicidal which was an old demon that crept up on me when I was feeling helpless. As I was preparing to possibly become a shelteree, I was saved that journey by being offered to take over property that had been abandoned by a family member. As me and the children settled into our new home, I tried many different avenues to increase business but after only three short years, my mobile spa service had become non-existent and I found myself back out in the workforce but chose this time to work overnight, so that I could still continue to be, for the most part, a stay-at-home mom — available for school field trips, disciplinary trips to the school, sports events, and the likes. My overnight job, only lasted three months, as I had an accident on the job that left me with a partial finger, but a nice settlement that afforded me a "taste of the good life," as well as a new family vehicle, paid in full. After my settlement, I vowed to forever be a stay-at-home mom, and til this very day continue to be so even though my children are now, all grown. You're probably wondering how I'm making a living these days, and I can't wait to tell you.

I've always been good at advising others and helping them to problem solve, so when I answered an ad for an online adviser, more particularly, a psychic adviser. I applied, because, well, I do have divine gifts. But it wasn't until I, interviewed on my first spiritual platform, that my gift began to flourish. I originally ran from the title, of a psychic, and billed myself as a spiritual adviser, but after doing this within the spiritual community was when my psychic gifts took flight — thus the name, Red Hawk, which is the name that I was christened with, by a Native American Elder, who used to frequent my live group chats. Fast forward to 2018, I am now the owner of Life Advice by Divine Order, my consulting, empowering, motivating, inspiring, intuitive, spiritual transformational, and tarot card reading service. I also have an online presence, with my various talk shows, one being, Straight Talk with the Red Hawk, where I'm giving, real, rare, and raw advice, with a bite, to my viewers and listeners, depending on which platform I'm presenting from. And I'd be remise, if I didn't mention that I'm also the author of five books, that I've self-published, which by the way — I'm looking for republishing opportunities, so that they will be available for a much lower price, and a better return, for myself so that it can be a win/win situation, for my readers, as well as me, the writer.

I've learned so much on this journey, from being a corporate America worker to almost becoming homeless to a full-fledged, self-employed, either contracted, or working solely for myself, powerhouse of a woman. I've raised my children, I've found my purpose, which fortunately, was also my passion, which is leading to immeasurable profits, be it in the form of actual finances, or the extreme abundance of divine joy, that I get knowing that I am making a difference, in the world at large. If you're feeling low, need an emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical uplifting, come soar with the Red Hawk, the rewards of partnering with the Divine, through me is amazing, awesome, and truly, a mystical journey, from sinking to soaring!!!

Red Hawk
Red Hawk

Hello, lovelies, I am Red Hawk, and to sum up, who I am, in regards to the space, I have here, I am one of the Creator's, most available vessels, here to inspire, motivate, captivate and educate, thru my gift of writing.  Come soar with me.

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From Sinking, to Soaring
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