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For My Ears

Ubering Gone Right!

So I drive Uber and Lyft for extra money just like most people in my city. I started driving for Uber over a year ago and I have meet some pretty interesting people from all over. When providing this service I thought to start a video confessional for any of my riders who wanted to talk or who had some things they wanted to get off their chest. Needless to say, I never followed through with it, which I am really not that upset about, but I still have had some very interesting and amazing conversations with some beautiful people. Today in particular, I wasn't feeling life to say the least, I've felt a weight on my heart more and more lately. It's hard to wake up some mornings to be the productive energized person that I am. I enjoy daily interactions with people for the most part lol, but it definitely felt like it was becoming more and more challenging. The fighter in me knows that sh*t has to get done either way, so I apply extra effort to push through. In my pushing today I started driving for Uber and happen to meet and have an encouraging conversation with a beautiful, intelligent, and enthusiastic young lady. She hopped in the car spoke (some people do not), so we were already off to a good start. She made a phone call, so I naturally turned Kendrick down, which she was jamming to before she made her phone call..we're vibin' now and she doesn't even know it. By now I know her name, zodiac sign, where she is from and that she is an actress. We start talking and she continues to expound upon an issue that she was having with an upcoming play she was casted for, she tells me how someone was attempting to get over on her and the rest of the cast. My passenger had already come up with a solution to this problem on every level the rest would be up to other hands to help out where needed. She is determined to reach her dreams and I could hear her determination in her voice. When people open up to me I do the same it is an exchange of energy and love to me, this is one of the best things about being human to me, a positive exchange of energy. I told her of the issues I had been having since the new year had started, my heart hurt, a tightening in my chest that was attempting to take me out. I felt for a while I suffered from depression, but in that moment I've come to the realization that it's some bullshit (not mental illness), but I had misdiagnosed myself. She helped me understand what was really going on, she said "he" was working against me, that "he" knows you're moving forward moving toward something great and "he" wants to stop you. I knew who "he" was, she was speaking of the devil or those negative forces that only find joy in others misery. The thing about is I could feel it, I've felt myself evolving and moving in the right direction, but there was something that wanted me to feel like everything was impossible for me. This sweet stranger was what I needed today to help me, I believe this was God's doing, she was intentionally placed in my car as my passenger in order for that message to be heard by my ears. The fact that I am a writer and she is an actress is just a bonus! I truly appreciate Jessica for her words today, she said this will be the best fu*kin year, claim it!! I have claimed it and written down what I will work hard to achieve. This journey is mine and one of the best parts of it are the wonderful people I meet. I will continue to be encouraged and hope that I will bring encouragement and wisdom to those I will meet on my way. Stay blessed!!

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For My Ears
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