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First Time Living In An Apartment

There is always a beginning for everything.

On May 8, after everyone had left campus for the summer, APU student HT started her new adult living experience by moving out of her freshman dorm Adams Hall, and moving into her first-time apartment ever, University Village, in order to take summer classes and gain the opportunity of living independently by herself.

HT collaborated with her mother to pack and unload her belongings into UV, and they spent a long day moving in and out. Her move was followed by the exhaustion of having no utilities for 3 days. However, HT had no clue that she had to set up utilities by herself at this point, so she ended up sleeping in the dark for 2 nights.

To HT’s horror, after her last night of sleeping in the dark and not taking a shower, she found out that she surely would have to set the utilities up all by herself. As a result, in an overwhelmed and shocked mood, along with being upset by her stinky dirty hair, HT burst out in tears with the pastors who were still on campus. HT emotionally broke down to the pastors and expressed how hard it was for her to be doing something has never had to do by herself before.

“This is so not fair, all of the sudden I did not have electricity and now I can not even take a shower. I was not even told beforehand that once I left my Adams dorm room and move into the apartment I would have to set the utilities up by myself. Worse, now I do not even have a job to make money to pay for utilities,” HT said in tears.

HT’s move from Adams Hall to University Village was consumed by packing and unpacking her belongings, deciding what to keep and what not to keep, selling all of the books that she has kept ever since she was in San Diego, purchasing house supplies, and getting everything in her space organized. After all of the moving in and out, HT has finally settled in UV K-176.

HT acknowledged the importance of earning money during a stressful time like this, because now that her freshman year was over, she has to afford food and utilities all by herself. So she took risk applying for jobs off campus. She seriously tried her very best searching for jobs everywhere, and professionally attended multiple interviews. Unfortunately, to her bewildered disappointment, HT could not get a job anywhere she went, and all of the dining places at APU do not hire students to work for the summer.

Although she is disappointed and aggravated because of not getting hired, HT cannot give up on her plan of living independently on her own. As a result, she persisted and stays at her UV apartment, and she keeps on praying until she can get back to earning her own money. 

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First Time Living In An Apartment
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