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Etsy Traffic, 3 Stupid Simple Steps to Increase Your Traffic and Sales on Etsy!

This is a list of 3 stupid simple steps to increase your Etsy traffic and sales!

Finally A New Way To Bring In That Etsy Traffic!!

3 Stupid Simple Steps to Increase Your Etsy Traffic and Sales!

Over the last couple of years since I opened my Etsy shop, I have read hundreds if not thousands of articles about maintaining a great Etsy shop. From SEO, traffic, social media promotion, to photography skills. Never have I come across anything about these simple and quite effective three follower and traffic building steps. ANYWHERE, and I mean ANYWHERE. So grab a fresh cup of tea, coffee, Pepsi, or smoothie and prepare to have your mind BLOWN!!

OK, so we all know, the more traffic you have the better your chances are of making those Etsy sales. But it can be tough finding creative ways within Etsy's TOS to bring in that kind of traffic. I am going to show you three simple ways to use Etsy to build your Etsy following. (Genius, I know.) 

Step 1: Follow your followers.

Head on over to your profile (not your shop) on the left side of your screen. Under your pretty profile picture you will see Favorites and Followers.

Go ahead and click on your Favorites; follow those who have favorited your shop items. Then head over to your Followers. Follow everyone who follows you.

**You can take this one step further and find out who is following your followers. Follow a few who have over 500 followers.**

Step 2: Join teams, but use them wisely.

People say that playing favoriting games will hurt your shop. That is only partly true. It will hurt your shop if it's all fake/forced traffic. Facebook like games will kill your shop quickly. But playing favoriting games within Etsy will help. Be sure to join active teams, and to also be and stay active within these teams. People will favorite your items; this gives you a greater chance to be seen by their followers as well. Etsy likes it when you bring people in and keep them on their website. (Be sure to keep that in mind.) 

Step 3: Find buyers from your market, quick & easy.

Now hold on to your freaking hats for this one, people, SERIOUSLY!! This is the number 1 way to find the right shoppers for your Etsy shop.

Find shops who sell items like yours, not just your direct competition. So if you sell baby headbands, find a couple of shops who sell children's clothing or other accessories.

Go to their review page and start following everybody who has made purchases in the last 3-6 months. Why?? Because, my friends, these people are active, they are buying, AND they are leaving reviews!! These are three things we like to see as shop owners. What a great way to narrow down your target market in half the time. BAM!! You're welcome!

Continue these steps daily to build consistent interest in you, your shop, and your items!!

Your mind just got blown, didn't it?? These are your target market, your people. These people are clearly the ones you want to interact with. Do this task a little each day and watch your Etsy shop start to bloom, you will be amazed. You may not see a huge burst in traffic or followers, but you will see a few each day and you are reaching the right kind of people!!

Think of Etsy like its own social media platform, not just a buyer-seller platform. Stay active within it!!

I'm not saying not to use Facebook to promote your shop. Facebook is an excellent source of traffic for your Etsy shop. You really want to do plenty of that. Do more with it than play favoriting games. Join Etsy groups; there are many of them out there. Some are really great for asking your Etsy shop questions, some are fantastic for product promotion. Remember to read the group description as well as the pinned post. So you will know exactly what you can do in each group. Head up to the Facebook search and type in "Etsy" and start joining those groups.

Check out my Etsy shop here.

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Etsy Traffic, 3 Stupid Simple Steps to Increase Your Traffic and Sales on Etsy!
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